LinkedIn Lead Generation

Best LinkedIn Cold Messages That Work In 2023

Everybody knows that one of the best ways to get new customers is by contacting them using LinkedIn cold messages. Why? Well, sales teams prefer cold outreach via LinkedIn because this social media is the most effective B2B lead generation channel. Compared to cold calling, and cold emails, that is. However, when crafting a LinkedIn […]

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Filters Explained 2023

LinkedIn Sales Navigator filters currently count 35 Lead filters and 16 Account filters, plus the Keywords filter they have in common.  As such, LinkedIn Sales Navigator represents one of the most powerful B2B prospecting tools. It is an extensive database, and it offers plenty of features to find leads, segment them, and even get alerts […]

How To Automate Lead Generation [Step-By-Step Guide]

If you’ve ever wondered if there is a way to speed up lead-generation activities, we have a proposition – try automated lead generation. Yes, that’s right. Automation has been around for a while, especially for lead generation and management. And no wonder it’s so effective since this way, you can find the most qualified leads […]

LinkedIn Private Mode: What It Is & How To Use It [2023]

LinkedIn private mode allows you to view other people’s LinkedIn profiles without your name and other profile information being shared with the owners of those profiles.  Private mode on LinkedIn is available to ALL members, independently from your LinkedIn subscription type. There is, however, one catch for members on the LinkedIn free plan, which we […]

What is LinkedIn InMail? The Complete Guide 2023

LinkedIn InMail is a direct private message to or from a LinkedIn member not part of your network, that is, your 2nd or 3rd-degree connection.  As the world’s largest professional social network aimed at building business-to-business relationships, LinkedIn represents an ideal tool to find and get in touch with professionals from your target market.  It […]

6 Best Alternatives To Expandi [2023 Review]

For those who have just started researching LinkedIn automation tools, SaaS startup Expandi appeared in the market in 2019. They initially created software that focused solely on LinkedIn automation.  After years of development, many small business sales teams and recruiters started using it for Email outreach and LinkedIn lead generation.  However, as the market has […]

The Ultimate Guide To LinkedIn Lead Generation [Top Strategies To Get More Leads 2023]

Did you know that LinkedIn lead generation is one of the most vital activities for the sales departments of B2B companies? “Why?” you ask. Well, because LinkedIn is the #1 social media for generating leads. Its lead conversion rates are 3x higher than any other major social media platform. Moreover, LinkedIn alone generates 80% of […]

13 LinkedIn InMail Examples [With A 25% Reply Rate Formula]

Here are 13 proven LinkedIn InMail examples for 13 different LinkedIn scenarios to get you inspired and help you save the necessary time to compose compelling messages that get responses.  LinkedIn InMails are for many platform members a mystery, therefore underused and often wasted. That’s quite a shame, taking into account that, according to the […]

The People Also Viewed LinkedIn Feature For Lead Generation

The People Also Viewed LinkedIn feature displays a list of LinkedIn members that the platform’s algorithm found important for your LinkedIn experience whether you are using them for networking, job search, or lead generation.  In this blog, we will clarify how the above-mentioned algorithm works, the main differences between People Also Viewed for LinkedIn and […]

How To Connect With Someone On LinkedIn? [8 Ways + Message Templates]

If you ask yourself how to connect with someone on LinkedIn, you are in the right place. We will go over a couple of methods you can use to add someone to LinkedIn, including the LinkedIn App, so you can grow your network and prepare for LinkedIn lead generation.  However, that is not all. Keep […]

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