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Have all of Skylead’s solutions, customer support, and help center under your brand in less than 7 days.
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“We have saved a lot of costs basically by just using Skylead, instead of burning the marketing budget.”
Michael Gonzalez, Customer Success Story Image
Michael Gonzalez, Founder
10X Millennial
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calls generated monthly


average deal value

“We have been able to generate $3K to $10K per month in the new MRR, so that’s how much we get from Skylead monthly.”
Image of Dennis Goyal, Co-Founder & COO, Skylead's customer
Dennis Goyal, Co-founder & COO
Lead generation agency
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of work per week saved


leads closed on average per month

“Skylead helped us get a better understanding of the trends on the market, reach a larger audience, gather user insights, and communicate better with our customers.”
Image of Mayori, Minut, Skylead's customer
Mayori Huang, Lead Generation Executive, Minut
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MQL meetings per month


average reply rate

“Looking at the beginning, when we started using this automation tool, we made 40 to 50% of our business.”
Image of Toine Boelens Founder of NewPoort, Skylead's customer
Toine Boelens, Founder
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meeting scheduled in 4 months


accounts managed

“I recommend Skylead to agency owners because you can get your clients better results, give better service than your competition, and charge more per customer to higher your margins.”
Image of Daniel Hoffmann from Toplevel Performance agency, Skylead's customer
Daniel Hoffmann, Managing Director
Toplevel Performance
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closed deals per client


generated for business

What’s in itfor you?

New profit source

Diversify your portfolio and get an extra revenue flow. 

Higher customer retention

Keep your clients by giving them the service they need. 

Advantage on the market

Add a unique service and stand out from the competition. 

Save time and money

Avoid the cost of developing the digital solution in-house.

Low entry bar

Start small, charge as much as you want, and grow at your own pace.

Profit margin increase

Get a lower price per seat as your client base grows.
Businesses chose Skylead
$10 000+
Average monthly revenue per business
Total leads generated by white labels

Have your solutionlive and readyin less than 7 days.

Image of Skylead campaign creator with white label logo, brand colors and domain

Customizethe platformto your liking.

Our team will provide you with your version of Skylead, done entirely in your colors and branding, located under the subdomain of your choice, without any additional set-up costs.

Have our support team & help center underyour brand.

Skylead’s support team will take care of your clients under your brand through in-app chat and WhatsApp, while Skylead’s help center will be available to your clients on your subdomain. 

Image of Skylead customer support chat and Capterra rate
Image of Skylead's customer support Slack channel and customer success manager

Speak to your dedicated
success manageranytime.

If you have any questions, need help with your accounts, or want to catch up or give feedback, jump on a call or ping your Success Manager on a Slack channel created specifically for your company.

Manage all seats from theagency dashboard.

You can assign platform roles and permissions, invite co-workers, appoint multiple admins, and oversee all clients in one place.

Image of Skylead account dashboard for whitelabel and box with Invite co-worker text
Skylead, image of white label feature to integrate with Google Tag Manager

Enhance and analyze with
ourGTM integration.

Create custom chat, monitor user behavior, measure ad success, track the number of registrations and much more thanks to our unique-on-the-market Google Tag Manager integration.

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Have your solution live and ready in
less than 7 days.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Do I get a discount as a white label?

    Yes, we have a tiered pricing structure depending on the number of active seats and your client volume.

  • Do I sign a white-label contract?

    No, we don’t lock our partners into short- or long-term contracts.

  • How will I be charged for my white label?

    We charge our white labels through Skylead’s online payment system, while you can use other types of payments to charge your clients.

  • Do you integrate with the other tools I use?

    You can sync Skylead through Zapier, Make, or API with any other tool you use for your business.

  • Can I transfer seats from one team to another?

    Yes, you can transfer seats among the teams.

  • Can I invite co-workers to manage different teams?

    Yes, you can invite as many co-workers as you wish and assign them different roles and permissions. For more information on the team management system, please consult our Help Center.

  • How can I prevent targeting the same leads from different seats?

    Skylead automatically blocks targeting the same lead under the same team.

  • Can I use the message templates that you publish in your template library and blogs?

    Yes, feel free to copy-paste message templates from our template library and all blogs with message templates and use them for your outreach.

  • Can I use your content to promote my business?

    No, our content and other marketing material are subject to copyright and, therefore, cannot be used. Feel free to get inspired by it, though.