Take advantage ofLinkedIn’sfull potential.

Send connection requests, personalize all types of LinkedIn messages, and combine free & paid InMails, all on autopilot.
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Image of Skylead - LinkedIn automation and cold email software campaign dashboard with statistics Response rate and acceptance rate
Image of 3-layer protection: Dedicated IP address, LinkedIn warmup mode and human like behavior

Stay safewith3-layer protection.

Skylead reaches out to your leads through a dedicated, country-based IP address according to your pre-set limits and delays between actions, imitating humanlike behavior.

Stand outin yourlead’s inbox.

Include variables and/or hyper-personalized images & GIFs to automatically tailor connection requests, messages, and InMails to every lead to increase the response rate. 

Image of chat with personalized image with user's and the lead's image, Dynamic text and Custom image cards
Image of Skylead's campaign creator step 1 - choosing the lead source

Choose among10 sourcesto import leads.

LinkedIn search result
Sales Navigator search result
Recruiter search result
Recruiter Talent Pool
Recruiter Pipeline URL
LinkedIn posts
LinkedIn event attendees 
Sales Navigator Lead list
CSV file

Findyour leads'  business emails.

Discover your leads' business emails even if not connected on LinkedIn, and combine 2 outreach channels to reach your leads one way or another.

Image of email discovery and verification feature to find publicly available business emails via LinkedIn
Image of Smart sequence builder interface with Connection message box and native text variables

Get in touch with moreleads faster.

Combine if/else conditions with connection requests, messages, paid & free InMails, and the View and Follow steps into Smart sequences to contact more leads in less time.

Nurture leadsready toconvert in one place.

Manage all types of LinkedIn messages and emails from Skylead’s Smart inbox, save your response templates for easier replies, and create labels to prioritize leads.

Image of Skylead Smart Inbox with messages integrations box with logos of LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Recruiter and email along with the card of conversion results - 31% response rate
Image of Blacklist dashboard in Skylead with options of blacklist types and card with Tartget right leads

Blacklistspecific leadsacross all team seats.

Enter LinkedIn profile URL, or name, company name, or job title as an exact or partial match to exclude leads from your and your team’s outreach. 

Identify campaigns thatdrive thebest results.

Monitor step-by-step analytics, A/B testing, and daily statistics to make data-driven decisions and optimize your campaigns.

Image of A/B testing results in a table, Export as CSV/PDF card and line graph
Image of Skylead's logo connected with other tools' logos simulating integration with other workflows

Integrate any workflowto save time.

Sync Skylead with any other tool to push data through Zapier, Make, or API and avoid bouncing between different platforms.

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