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“We have saved a lot of costs basically by just using Skylead, instead of burning the marketing budget.”
Michael Gonzalez, Customer Success Story Image
Michael Gonzalez, Founder
10X Millennial
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calls generated monthly


average deal value

“We have been able to generate $3K to $10K per month in the new MRR, so that’s how much we get from Skylead monthly.”
Image of Dennis Goyal, Co-Founder & COO, Skylead's customer
Dennis Goyal, Co-founder & COO
Lead generation agency
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of work per week saved


leads closed on average per month

“Skylead helped us get a better understanding of the trends on the market, reach a larger audience, gather user insights, and communicate better with our customers.”
Image of Mayori, Minut, Skylead's customer
Mayori Huang, Lead Generation Executive, Minut
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MQL meetings per month


average reply rate

“Looking at the beginning, when we started using this automation tool, we made 40 to 50% of our business.”
Image of Toine Boelens Founder of NewPoort, Skylead's customer
Toine Boelens, Founder
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meeting scheduled in 4 months


accounts managed

“I recommend Skylead to agency owners because you can get your clients better results, give better service than your competition, and charge more per customer to higher your margins.”
Image of Daniel Hoffmann from Toplevel Performance agency, Skylead's customer
Daniel Hoffmann, Managing Director
Toplevel Performance
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closed deals per client


generated for business

Image of smart sequence and campaign results for marketing use case, finding backlinking partner

Findnew leads or backlinking partners faster.

  • Use LinkedIn and connect an unlimited number of email accounts 
    to maximize your reach.

  • Leverage Smart sequences to customize your flow and messages
     depending on the leads’ behavior.

  • Get your emails straight to your leads’ inbox thanks to the Email finder & verifier.

  • Enrich your messages with Image & GIF hyper-personalization and increase the response rate even up to 63%.

  • A/B-test your messages, analyze data, and optimize for even better results.

Image of Michael Gonzales, 10X Millenial, Skylead's customer

“With Skylead, we can easily scale up by just adding more accounts, as opposed to paid advertisement.”

Michael Gonzalez

Founder, 10X Millennial

Become athought leader
by expanding your network on autopilot.

  • Create campaigns to share content with the network in case they didn’t see your post.

  • Use Smart sequences to promote your events and reach people attending similar LinkedIn events via LinkedIn and email channels.

  • No need to navigate between the platforms. Manage all your LinkedIn  conversations from Skylead’s Smart inbox.

  • Add View & Follow steps in the sequence to re-engage your network.

Image of Toine Boelens Founder of NewPoort, Skylead's customer

“My clients are also expanding their network, and every time they post something on their LinkedIn account, it’s getting picked up by the right people because they have connections with the right people over there.”

Toine Boelens

Founder, NewPoort

Image of Skylead's chat for marketing use case, becoming a thought leader
Image of list of emails for marketing use case, finding email and creating lookalike audiences on LinkedIn ads, Meta or Google Ads

Distribute your content and increaseconversions.

  • Save 11+ hours of work per week by automating content distribution so you can create more content instead.

  • Target people who liked your or other thought leaders’ LinkedIn posts and share your content with the right people.

  • Easily import LinkedIn and Sales Navigator search URLs in Skylead to share your content with your target audience.

  • Use "If email link clicked" conditions to create different follow-ups depending on your leads’ actions.

  • Get your leads’ email addresses, and create lookalike audiences for your Facebook or Google Ads campaigns to convert the right users.

Image of Daniel Hoffmann from Toplevel Performance agency, Skylead's customer

“The cool thing is I can scrape the email addresses and build a lookalike audience on Facebook or Google and find this high-quality audience, for example, or create a retargeting campaign.”

Daniel Hoffmann

Managing Director, Toplevel Performance

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