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The LinkedIn industry list 2024 for every subscription plan

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To be as accurate as possible when it comes to the LinkedIn Industry List 2024, we manually checked all industries listed below as well as the number of leads and accounts for each industry on LinkedIn and Sales Navigator.

Currently, LinkedIn and Recruiter members can filter leads and accounts based on 149 industries. The LinkedIn and Recruiter industry options are more generic according to the ones reserved for Sales Navigator subscribers. 

Namely, Sales Navigator members have 413 industries at their disposal and include both generic industries as well as their sub-industries. This implies that Sales Navigator subscribers can take their LinkedIn prospecting to the next level and filter leads and accounts with more precision. 

Also, when choosing the industry for your LinkedIn profile and your company’s LinkedIn profile page, LinkedIn will let you choose among the 413 industries from the Sales Navigator list that you can find down below independently from your LinkedIn subscription. 

All of this being said, in this blog, you’ll find:

For Sales Navigator 

  • The complete updated Sales Navigator industry list with the number of leads and accounts for each industry. 
  • The top 20 industries with the highest number of companies according to Sales Navigator. 
  • The top 10 industries with the highest number of leads according to Sales Navigator. 
  • The bottom 10 industries with the lowest number of companies according to Sales Navigator. 
  • The bottom 10 industries with the lowest number of leads according to Sales Navigator. 

For LinkedIn

  • The complete updated Recruiter and LinkedIn industry list with the number of leads and accounts for each industry. 
  • The top 10 industries with the highest number of companies according to LinkedIn.
  • The top 10 industries with the highest number of leads according to LinkedIn and Recruiter.
  • The bottom 10 industries with the lowest number of companies according to LinkedIn.
  • The bottom 10 industries with the lowest number of leads according to LinkedIn and Recruiter. 

However, bare in mind that these numbers change on a daily bases. LinkedIn members update their industries, the platform welcomes new members and new company pages. Therefore, there will always be a fluctuation in the number of registered leads and accounts.

Furthermore, the below statistics refers only to people and company pages registered on LinkedIn. There might be businesses and industries for which it doesn't make much sense to be on the platform or online in general, despite the times that we live in. Take this into consideration if one of those businesses or industries is your target.


Starting June 2022, Sales Navigator switched to a more detailed list of industries that now has both industries and their sub-industries for better categorization and targeting. Further, we manually checked their official industry list and updated some of the industries based on what's live on Sales Navigator at this moment. The Sales Navigator industry list counts 413 industries for leads and 413 industries for accounts.

Furthermore, when setting up your profile, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to use the following Sales Navigator list of industries and therefore be as specific as possible when it comes to your field of business. 

Also, some of the niche industries will not show up in the drop-down menu unless you specifically type them in, both in your contact info and when using Sales Navigator filters

The complete Sales Navigator industry list 2024

Abrasives & Nonmetallic Minerals Manufacturing1.5K+47
Administration of Justice3M+62K+
Administrative & Support Services17M+1M+
Advertising Services16M+1M+
Agricultural Chemical Manufacturing12K+393
Agriculture, Construction, Mining Machinery Manufacturing42K+1.5K+
Air, Water, & Waste Program Management7.5K+337
Airlines & Aviation3M+70K+
Alternative Dispute Resolution260K+7K+
Alternative Medicine1M+31K+
Ambulance Services1.5K+76
Amusement Parks & Arcades4K+167
Animal Feed Manufacturing5.5K+272
Animation & Post-production1M+20K+
Apparel Manufacturing23K+2.5K+
Appliances, Electrical, & Electronics Manufacturing6M+560K+
Architectural & Structural Metal Manufacturing5.5K+396
Architecture & Planning4M+360K+
Armed Forces2M+8.5K+
Artificial Rubber & Synthetic Fiber Manufacturing46013
Artists & Writers1M+68K+
Audio & Video Equipment Manufacturing2.5K+234
Automation Machinery Manufacturing2M+66K+
Aviation & Aerospace Component Manufacturing2M+43K+
Baked Goods Manufacturing5.5K+326
Bars, Taverns, & Nightclubs9.5K+400
Bed-and-Breakfasts, Hostels, Homestays3K+287
Beverage Manufacturing710K+71K+
Biomass Electric Power Generation2K+124
Biotechnology Research2M+80K+
Blockchain Services19K+3.5K+
Boilers, Tanks, & Shipping Container Manufacturing3.5K+80
Book & Periodical Publishing1M+310K+
Book Publishing11K+1K+
Broadcast Media Production & Distribution1M+140K+
Building Construction70K+4K+
Building Equipment Contractors3K+279
Building Finishing Contractors4.5K+372
Building Structure & Exterior Contractors5.5K+447
Business Consulting & Services16M+2M+
Business Content40K+1.5K+
Business Intelligence Platforms12K+902
Cable & Satellite Programming1K+32
Capital Markets3M+420K+
Chemical Manufacturing11M+380K+
Chemical Raw Materials Manufacturing8K+283
Child Day Care Services28K+534
Circuses & Magic Shows37522
Civic & Social Organizations2M+930K+
Civil Engineering5M+230K+
Claims Adjusting, Actuarial Services4K+86
Clay & Refractory Products Manufacturing89233
Coal Mining4.5K+45
Collection Agencies5K+96
Commercial & Industrial Equipment Rental4.5K443
Commercial & Industrial Machinery Maintenance32K+1K+
Commercial & Service Industry Machinery Manufacturing8K+611
Communications Equipment Manufacturing2.5K151
Community Development & Urban Planning13K+586
Community Services28K+2K+
Computer & Network Security1M+46K+
Computer Games1M+46K+
Computer Hardware Manufacturing1M+36K+
Computer Networking Products1M+31K+
Computers & Electronics Manufacturing7M+310K+
Conservation Programs6.5K+280
Construction Hardware Manufacturing4.5K+306
Consumer Goods Rental3.5K+275
Consumer Services15M+1M+
Correctional Institutions2K+9
Cosmetology & Barber Schools13K+346
Courts of Law10K+58
Credit Intermediation12M+180K+
Cutlery & Handtool Manufacturing60333
Dairy Product Manufacturing520K+43K+
Dance Companies3.5K+231
Data Infrastructure & Analytics120K+6.5K+
Data Security Software Products8.5K+465
Defense & Space Manufacturing1M+44K+
Design Services7M+450K+
Desktop Computing Software Products10K+613
E-Learning Providers1M+270K+
Economic Programs39K+698
Education Administration Programs13M+350K+
Electric Lighting Equipment Manufacturing6K+639
Electric Power Generation92K+5.5K+
Electric Power Transmission, Control, & Distribution42K+1K+
Electrical Equipment Manufacturing20K+947
Electronic & Precision Equipment Maintenance14K+324
Embedded Software Products14K+923
Emergency & Relief Services8.5K+210
Engines & Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing9.5K+193
Entertainment Providers21M+2M+
Environmental Quality Programs23K+881
Environmental Services2M+210K+
Equipment Rental Services12K+1K+
Events Services1M+190K+
Executive Offices1M+67K+
Executive Search Services3K+303
Fabricated Metal Products43K+2.5K+
Facilities Services4M+500K+
Family Planning Centers5499
Farming, Ranching, Forestry5M+630K+
Fashion Accessories Manufacturing8.5K+1K+
Financial Services33M+1M+
Fine Arts Schools10K+343
Fire Protection11K+719
Flight Training1K+70
Food & Beverage Manufacturing5M+560K+
Food & Beverage Retail1M+200K+
Food & Beverage Services13M+2M+
Footwear & Leather Goods Repair57930
Footwear Manufacturing5.5K+745
Forestry & Logging5.5K+226
Fossil Fuel Electric Power Generation3K+38
Freight & Package Transportation890K+190K+
Fruit & Vegetable Preserves Manufacturing1.5K+115
Funds & Trusts14K+639
Furniture & Home Furnishings Manufacturing1M+180K+
Gambling Facilities & Casinos550K+16K+
Geothermal Electric Power Generation1.5K+78
Glass Product Manufacturing5K+297
Glass, Ceramics & Concrete Manufacturing500K+55K+
Golf Courses & Country Clubs7K+373
Government Administration32M+640K+
Government Relations Services1M+18K+
Graphic Design2M+120K+
Ground Passenger Transportation34K+1.5K+
Health & Human Services14M+350K+
Higher Education1M+0200K+
Highway, Street, & Bridge Construction10K+224
Historical Sites1.5K+80
Holding Companies4K+1K+
Home Health Care Services27K+2K+
Hospitals & Health Care31M+data not available
Hotels & Motels29K+1K+
Household & Institutional Furniture Manufacturing2K+208
Household Appliance Manufacturing2.5K+125
Household Services8K+463
Housing & Community Development30K+1K+
Housing Programs4.5K+113
Human Resources Services5M+210K+
HVAC & Refrigeration Equipment Manufacturing17K+888
Hydroelectric Power Generation3.5K+105
Individual & Family Services2M+1M+
Industrial Machinery Manufacturing6M+380K+
Industry Associations11K+1.5K+
Information Services3M+240K+
Insurance & Employee Benefit Funds6K+166
Insurance Agencies & Brokerages19K+1.5K+
Insurance Carriers8K+91
Interior Design52K+4.5K+
International Affairs710K+16K+
International Trade & Development1M+70K+
Internet Marketplace Platforms39K+4.5K+
Internet News7.5K+2K+
Interurban & Rural Bus Services49621
Investment Advice13K+1K+
Investment Banking650K+78K+
Investment Management1M+240K+
IT Services & IT Consulting26M+1M+
IT System Custom Software Development26K+3K+
IT System Data Services34K+904
IT System Design Services19K+763
IT System Installation & Disposal2.5K+94
IT System Operations & Maintenance38K+334
IT System Testing & Evaluation25K+371
IT System Training & Support26K+677
Janitorial Services18K+1K+
Landscaping Services15K+1K+
Language Schools21K+1K+
Laundry & Drycleaning Services3K+294
Law Enforcement1M+24K+
Law Practice4M+200K+
Leasing Non-residential Real Estate890K+73K+
Leasing Residential Real Estate13K+957
Leather Product Manufacturing9K+1K+
Legal Services8M+560K+
Legislative Offices150K+1.5K+
Lime & Gypsum Products Manufacturing46511
Loan Brokers4K+429
Machinery Manufacturing12M+960K+
Magnetic & Optical Media Manufacturing85125
Manufacturing75M+data not available
Maritime Transportation1M+59K+
Market Research970K+33K+
Marketing Services310K+47K+
Mattress & Blinds Manufacturing90692
Measuring & Control Instrument Manufacturing4.5K+319
Meat Products Manufacturing3K+203
Media & Telecommunications16M+1M+
Media Production1M+200K+
Medical & Diagnostic Laboratories44K+1K+
Medical Equipment Manufacturing2M+170K+
Medical Practices9M+3M+
Mental Health Care2M+79K+
Metal Ore Mining5.5K+128
Metal Treatments6.5K+428
Metal Valve, Ball, & Roller Manufacturing1.5K+56
Metalworking Machinery Manufacturing9K+357
Military & International Affairs3M+24K+
Mobile Computing Software Products8.5K+1K+
Mobile Food Services6K+480
Mobile Gaming Apps64K+3.5K+
Motor Vehicle Manufacturing1M+0470K+
Motor Vehicle Parts Manufacturing12K+1K+
Movies & Sound Recording3M+230K+
Movies, Videos, & Sound4M+410K+
Museums, Historical Sites, & Zoos380K+78K+
Nanotechnology Research190K+5K+
Natural Gas Distribution4.5K+67
Natural Gas Extraction2.5K+12
Newspaper Publishing590K+29K+
Non-profit Organizations3M+450K+
Nonmetallic Mineral Mining1.5K+50
Nonresidential Building Construction3K+146
Nuclear Electric Power Generation9.5K+78
Nursing Homes & Residential Care Facilities16K+470
Office Administration110K+290
Office Furniture & Fixtures Manufacturing3.5K+414
Oil & Coal Product Manufacturing1K+26
Oil & Gas7M+160K+
Oil Extraction2K+39
Oil, Gas, & Mining1M+0590K+
Online & Mail Order Retail30K+2.5K+
Online Audio & Video Media990K+110K+
Operations Consulting28K+1.5K+
Outpatient Care Centers4K+67
Outsourcing & Offshoring Consulting1M+49K+
Packaging & Containers Manufacturing980K+45K+
Paint, Coating, & Adhesive Manufacturing11K+751
Paper & Forest Product Manufacturing790K+160K+
Pension Funds2.5K+25
Performing Arts790K+350K+
Performing Arts & Spectator Sports800K+350K+
Periodical Publishing2K+405
Personal & Laundry Services34K+2.5K+
Personal Care Product Manufacturing2M+170K+
Personal Care Services17K+1K+
Pet Services12K+1.5K+
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing5M+91K+
Philanthropic Fundraising Services450K+32K+
Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapists25K+1K+
Pipeline Transportation1K+23
Plastics & Rubber Product Manufacturing2M+200K+
Plastics Manufacturing970K+150K+
Political Organizations380K+21K+
Postal Services3K+41
Primary & Secondary Education6M+180K+
Primary Metal Manufacturing3.5K+150
Printing Services1M+110K+
Professional Organizations7K+974
Professional Services97M+data not available
Public Assistance Programs5K+72
Public Health83K+2K+
Public Policy Offices2M+88K+
Public Relations & Communications Services2M+100K+
Public Safety1M+25K+
Radio & Television Broadcasting18K+534
Rail Transportation19K+529
Railroad Equipment Manufacturing370K+13K+
Ranching & Fisheries1M+160K+
Real Estate & Equipment Rental Services9M+2M+
Recreational Facilities9M+870K+
Religious Institutions1M+260K+
Renewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing1M+100K+
Repair & Maintenance100K+5.5K+
Research Services7M+360K+
Residential Building Construction17K+1K+
Retail Apparel & Fashion4M+360K+
Retail Appliances, Electrical, & Electronic Equipment16K+960
Retail Art Dealers2K+133
Retail Art Supplies3M+99K+
Retail Books & Printed News3.5K+340
Retail Building Materials & Garden Equipment10K+515
Retail Florists3.5K+387
Retail Furniture & Home Furnishings15K+1.5K+
Retail Gasoline3K+47
Retail Groceries1M+200K+
Retail Health & Personal Care Products37K+4K+
Retail Luxury Goods & Jewelry820K+79K+
Retail Motor Vehicles25K+2K+
Retail Musical Instruments2K+192
Retail Office Equipment1M+360K+
Retail Office Supplies & Gifts3.5K800
Retail Recyclable Materials & Used Merchandise3K+257
Reupholstery & Furniture Repair89655
Rubber Products Manufacturing3K+179
Satellite Telecommunications3K+84
Savings Institutions8827
School & Employee Bus Services3.5K+73
Seafood Product Manufacturing1.5K+104
Secretarial Schools3K+16
Securities & Commodity Exchanges4K+96
Security & Investigations2M+120K+
Security Guards & Patrol Services24K+726
Security Systems Services23K+1.5K+
Semiconductor Manufacturing3M+150K+
Services for the Elderly & Disabled7K+455
Sheet Music Publishing73580
Shuttles & Special Needs Transportation Services2.5K+198
Sightseeing Transportation7.5K+376
Skiing Facilities71024
Soap & Cleaning Product Manufacturing4.5K+347
Social Networking Platforms43K+3K+
Software Development15M+1M+
Solar Electric Power Generation32K+3.5K+
Sound Recording3K+340
Space Research & Technology14K+614
Specialty Trade Contractors22K+2K+
Spectator Sports2M+460K+
Sporting Goods Manufacturing700K+50K+
Sports & Recreation Instruction34K+1.5K+
Sports Teams & Clubs52K+3K+
Spring & Wire Product Manufacturing1K+50
Staffing & Recruiting2M+160K+
Steam & Air-Conditioning Supply2K+154
Strategic Management Services1M+36K+
Subdivision of Land1K+49
Sugar & Confectionery Product Manufacturing2.5K+139
Taxi & Limousine Services3.5K+391
Technical & Vocational Training100K+5.5K+
Technology, Information & Internet25M+1M+
Technology, Information & Media42M+data not available
Telecommunications Carriers12K+165
Telephone Call Centers37K+348
Temporary Help Services4K+94
Textile Manufacturing2M+200K+
Theater Companies5.5K+227
Think Tanks380K+22K+
Tobacco Manufacturing320K+20K+
Translation & Localization740K+27K+
Transportation Equipment Manufacturing14M+620K+
Transportation Programs5.5K+301
Transportation, Logistics, Supply Chain & Storage17M+870K+
Travel Arrangements2M+290K+
Truck Transportation5M+470K+
Trusts & Estates2.5K+212
Turned Products & Fastener Manufacturing2K+127
Urban Transit Services5.5K+212
Utilities Administration13K+204
Utility System Construction5.5K+247
Vehicle Repair & Maintenance21K+2K+
Venture Capital & Private Equity Principals500K+48K+
Veterinary Services870K+160K+
Vocational Rehabilitation Services4K+158
Warehousing & Storage1M+45K+
Waste Collection3.5K+428
Waste Treatment & Disposal6.5K+509
Water Supply & Irrigation Systems8.5K+442
Water, Waste, Steam, & Air Conditioning Services27K+2K+
Wellness & Fitness Services8M+730K+
Wholesale Alcoholic Beverages5.5K+534
Wholesale Apparel & Sewing Supplies4.5K+273
Wholesale Appliances, Electrical, & Electronics8K+771
Wholesale Building Materials3M+210K+
Wholesale Chemical & Allied Products7K+605
Wholesale Computer Equipment3K+328
Wholesale Drugs & Sundries8.5K+329
Wholesale Food & Beverage18K+1K+
Wholesale Footwear1.5K+118
Wholesale Furniture & Home Furnishings2.5K+310
Wholesale Hardware, Plumbing, Heating Equipment7.5K+597
Wholesale Import & Export2M+74K+
Wholesale Luxury Goods & Jewelry4.5K+520
Wholesale Machinery3K+473
Wholesale Metals & Minerals3K+333
Wholesale Motor Vehicles & Parts9.5K+958
Wholesale Paper Products2.5K+196
Wholesale Petroleum & Petroleum Products6.5K+230
Wholesale Photography Equipment & Supplies51945
Wholesale Raw Farm Products3.5K+301
Wholesale Recyclable Materials2K+316
Wind Electric Power Generation11K+356
Wireless Services630K+13K+
Women's Handbag Manufacturing53562
Wood Product Manufacturing9K+745
Writing & Editing2M+76K+
Zoos & Botanical Gardens3K+82
LinkedIn Industry List 2024 for Sales Navigator, according to the last update in June 2022

Industry rankings [Sales Navigator]

Here are the top 20 LinkedIn industries with the highest number of companies according to the Sales Navigator classification.

The top 20 industries with the highest number of companies according to the Sales Navigator classification, LinkedIn industry list

Here are the top 10 LinkedIn industries with the highest number of leads according to the Sales Navigator classification.

The top 10 industries with the highest number of leads according to the Sales Navigator classification, LinkedIn industry list

Here are the bottom 10 LinkedIn industries with the lowest number of companies according to the Sales Navigator classification.

The bottom 10 industries with the lowest number of companies according to the Sales Navigator classification, LinkedIn industry list

Here are the bottom 10 LinkedIn industries with the lowest number of leads according to the Sales Navigator classification.

The bottom 10 industries with the lowest number of leads according to the Sales Navigator classification, LinkedIn industry list


The LinkedIn industry list is a bit less specific compared to the Sales Navigator one. The list of industries is generic and it counts 149 industries for leads and 149 industries for accounts. 

If you are a recruiter and using the LinkedIn recruiter plan, you should know that it has the same industry list as the below LinkedIn industry list. 

The complete LinkedIn industry list 2024

Alternative Dispute Resolution272,0007,100
Alternative Medicine662,00031,000
Apparel & Fashion4,460,000357,000
Architecture & Planning4,720,000394,000
Arts & Crafts1,430,000103,000
Aviation & Aerospace827,00045,000
Broadcast Media1,620,000128,000
Building Materials2,670,000223,000
Business Supplies & Equipment4,250,000348,000
Capital Markets682,00039,000
Civic & Social Organization9,580,000868,000
Civil Engineering2,490,000209,000
Commercial Real Estate1,050,00067,000
Computer & Network Security768,00045,000
Computer Games863,00049,000
Computer Hardware795,00045,000
Computer Networking569,00026,000
Computer Software12,000,0001,420,000
Consumer Electronics1,510,000119,000
Consumer Goods6,300,000496,000
Consumer Services7,640,000578,000
Defense & Space790,00045,000
Education Management5,000,000414,000
Electrical/Electronic Manufacturing6,730,000549,000
Environmental Services2,750,000227,000
Events Services3,150,000244,000
Executive Office976,00060,000
Facilities Services6,960,000565,000
Financial Services9,060,000768,000
Fine Art1,070,00069,000
Food & Beverages6,310,000496,000
Food Production5,620,000451,000
Gambling & Casinos403,00018,000
Glass, Ceramics & Concrete899,00057,000
Government Administration2,230,000189,000
Government Relations427,00020,000
Graphic Design1,510,000118,000
Health, Wellness & Fitness8,500,000746,000
Higher Education3,160,000258,000
Hospital & Health Care10,100,000926,000
Human Resources2,730,000223,000
Import & Export1,030,00065,000
Individual & Family Services12,900,0001,620,000
Industrial Automation1,100,00077,000
Information Services1,380,000101,000
Information Technology & Services10,800,0001,410,000
International Affairs397,00017,000
International Trade & Development1,170,00084,000
Investment Banking1,260,00091,000
Investment Management2,920,000229,000
Law Enforcement487,00023,000
Law Practice2,990,000232,000
Legal Services4,210,000327,000
Legislative Office160,0001,700
Leisure, Travel & Tourism3,810,000299,000
Logistics & Supply Chain1,460,000114,000
Luxury Goods & Jewelry1,330,00097,000
Management Consulting13,300,0001,640,000
Market Research640,00031,000
Marketing & Advertising10,400,000970,000
Mechanical or Industrial Engineering4,200,000326,000
Media Production2,510,000215,000
Medical Device1,940,000180,000
Medical Practice18,500,0002,550,000
Mental Health Care1,200,00085,000
Mining & Metals5,350,000418,000
Mobile Games38,0001,700
Motion Pictures & Film2,240,000192,000
Museums & Institutions1,230,00086,000
Non-Profit Organization Management5,570,000423,000
Oil & Energy1,890,000168,000
Online Media1,420,000102,000
Package/Freight Delivery2,390,000198,000
Packaging & Containers722,00043,000
Paper & Forest Products2,120,000188,000
Performing Arts4,110,000309,000
Political Organization475,00022,000
Primary/Secondary Education1,930,000176,000
Professional Training & Coaching3,580,000297,000
Program Development637,00030,000
Public Policy277,00012,000
Public Relations & Communications1,670,000128,000
Public Safety578,00028,000
Railroad Manufacture284,00013,000
Real Estate24,700,0003,010,000
Recreational Facilities & Services2,550,000223,000
Religious Institutions3,350,000274,000
Renewables & Environment1,780,000129,000
Security & Investigations1,720,000128,000
Sporting Goods689,00039,000
Staffing & Recruiting2,230,000189,000
Think Tanks498,00024,000
Translation & Localization577,00027,000
Venture Capital & Private Equity849,00049,000
Wine & Spirits1,080,00071,000
Writing & Editing1,090,00077,000
LinkedIn Industry List 2024

Industry rankings [LinkedIn]

Here are the top 10 LinkedIn industries with the highest number of companies according to the LinkedIn classification.

The top 10 industries with the highest number of companies according to the LinkedIn classification, LinkedIn industry list

Here are the top 10 LinkedIn industries with the highest number of leads according to the LinkedIn classification.

The top 10 industries with the highest number of leads according to the LinkedIn classification, LinkedIn industry list

Here are the bottom 10 LinkedIn industries with the lowest number of companies according to the LinkedIn classification.

The bottom 10 industries with the lowest number of companies according to the LinkedIn classification, LinkedIn industry list

Here are the bottom 10 LinkedIn industries with the lowest number of leads according to the LinkedIn classification.

The bottom 10 industries with the lowest number of leads according to the LinkedIn classification, LinkedIn industry list


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