Here toinnovatefor the people.

Skylead is an ever-growing company that has been setting
new trends in how people perform outreach, and build positive
relationships with their leads. Join us!

Nevena at river house working on computer
Relja at the studio, filming the video
Pavle with our friend Nika at the team building
Team building image - Cooking
Andrea singing and playing the guitar

We trust each other
work as one!

We believe that the secret to reaching the goals and building positive relationships is complete transparency and synergy. That’s why we are a team of passionate and proactive people who work as one, communicate honestly, and trust and respect each other.

Putting into
practice what we
learned & invented.

We constantly inspire ourselves to innovate and deliver more than people think possible, and thus move boundaries gradually each time. As a team, we believe that by following these principles, we can change how people approach outreach and achieve a long-lasting impact.

At Skylead
we cherish…

Work-life balance

Most teams work on their own schedule, so you can take care of personal matters if needed. 

Professional development

We fully cover training expenses for anyone interested in mastering their craft.

Friendly attitude and celebrations

We often organize company events and team buildings to stay in touch with each other.

Hybrid workspace

We enjoy working from home, but we also love having meetings and working from the office. 

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