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Include personalized Images and GIFs in your LinkedIn and email messages to increase your response rate to 63%.
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Image of chat with personalized image with user's and the lead's image, Dynamic text and Custom image cards
Image of how personalization works with personalized images and dynamic text

Humanizeyour outreach at scale.

Add your lead’s LinkedIn profile picture, company logo, text with variables, and any other picture to your image or GIF, and Skylead will tailor it to every lead.

Tweak your images & GIFsdirectly in Skylead.

Customize images & GIFs in Skylead’s editor, and import them into your messages in one click without any 3rd party tools, picture editor software, or extra charge.

Image of options for personalization in Skylead's Image & GIF personalization interface - custom variables (dynamic text), leads' logo, lead's image and user's image
Image of templates option for Skylead's feature: Image & GIF personalization

Keep it as a template forfuture use.

Save best-performing images & GIFs to your library, edit, and re-purpose them in another outreach campaign.

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