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In 2019, we set out on a mission to create sales automation software that takes care of the most time-consuming tasks and leaves you more room to build meaningful connections and close deals.

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About us section 1 image, Kristina, Pavle, Jovan and AndreaPeople of Skylead, Anja, Predrag and Kristina, section 2, about us pagePeople of Skylead, Pavle and Nevena
About us section 1 image, Kristina, Pavle, Jovan and Andrea

Wechange the industryfor the better.

Since the beginning, our mission has been about building long-lasting relationships with our clients and providing them with the means to do the same.

It’s like the Ripple effect - we help you connect with the right people more genuinely, and together we reshape the concept of outreach as we know it. And that’s what we will continue to do.
People of Skylead, Anja, Predrag and Kristina, section 2, about us page

Wehandle every partofthe outreach so you don’t have to.

Lead generation is a multi-layered process with all the prospecting, connecting, and follow-ups we must send daily.

We aim to simplify getting in touch with your leads through automation, AI, and actionable analytics so you can focus on closing the deals instead.
People of Skylead, Pavle and Nevena

Taking bold steps everyday tocreate an impact.

Whatever we do, we always strive to deliver more that’s available on the market. It means better, innovative and more robust.

Skylead itself was created in this way, and only by following this value can we reshape how people think about outreach and create a lasting impact.

Meet the peoplebehind Skylead.

Team is still young...
CTO - Image of Stefan Burscher

When not leading our dev team, Stefan is blending beats, startups, and a need for speed.

Stefan Bürscher


Team lead front-end - Image of Jovana Debeljević

Equally split between 'why does this code work' and 'how does this code work' on a daily basis.

Jovana Kesler

Team lead Front-End

Back-end team lead - Image of Luka Vujcic

In the office, Luka leads our backend team and, on team buildings, the dance floor.

Luka Vujčić

Back-End Team Lead

Image of Filip Antic - Back-end team leader

Filip loves chatting up strangers, trekking through nature, and globe-trotting with a side of Forrest Gump wisdom.

Filip Antić

Back-End Team Lead

Back-end team lead - Image of Božidar Mitrović

Bozidar, our scent-sational developer and perfume connoisseur, finds balance in his coding life through cycling and binge-watching ‘The Office’.

Božidar Mitrović

Back-End Team Lead

Front-end developer - Image of Nikola Mrkić

Between lines of code, Nikola likes to chill on a sunny beach with his family, and feet up in a hammock.

Nikola Mrkić

Front-End Developer

Front-end developer - Image of Aleksandra Janus

Aleksandra likes her codes the way she likes her books - well-structured, functional, and with a killer ending.

Aleksandra Janus

Front-End Developer

Back-end developer - Image of Andjela Milicevic

Andjela is our optimistic soul, living by the mantra that “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it means it’s not the end”.

Anđela Milićević

Back-End Developer

Back-end developer - Image of Filip Gomilanović

Filip is our 'Prison Break' and 'Breaking Bad' enthusiast, who enjoys bar & video games, spending time with friends, and hitting the gym after work.

Filip Gomilanović

Back-end developer

Back-End Developer - Image of Stefan Bijanić

Stefan is our developer of many interests - from folk dancing, traveling, and cooking, to football weekends with friends and passion for quality craft beer.

Stefan Bijanić

Back-End Developer

Back-end developer - Image of Damir Ristić

Damir: Our dev-oted gamer, TV shows-enthusiast, and the office jokes master.

Damir Ristić

Back-End Developer

Back-End Developer - Image of Marko Jovanović

Marko, our youngest developer, loves watching educational videos on the economy and drawing insights from the book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’.

Marko Jovanović

Back-End Developer

Front-end developer - image of Petar Pejović

Petar is our passionate developer, basketball player, and outdoor adventurer who is always in search of the next perfect smoked pork shank.

Petar Pejović

Front-End Developer

Back-end developer - Image of Nikola Radojević

Nikola is our stellar developer with a passion for the mysteries of the cosmos.

Nikola Radojević

DevOps Engineer

QA Team Lead - Image of Aleksandar Boranijašević

Aleksandar thinks that all we had to do was follow the damn train.

Aleksandar Boranijašević

QA Team Lead

QA specialist - Image of Borisa Vuckovic

Borisa is an unfailing (Q)A-player, whether in the coding arena or on the soccer field.

Boriša Vučković

QA Specialist

Project Manager - Image of Jasmina Stojiljkovic

Jasmina, our advocate for the unconventional, guides Skylead's visionary path during work hours and dives into the Arabic language during her personal time.

Jasmina Stojiljković

Product Owner

UX/UI Designer - Image of Maja Blagić

Like a true adventurer, Maja enjoys every journey she embarks upon, whether personal or the one she’s crafting for Skylead users.

Maja Jovanović

UX/UI Designer

Product Owner, Image of Ena Šestić

Led by the 'a mind expanded by new experiences knows no limits' mantra, Ena keeps challenging the status quo at Skylead and in her own adventures.

Ena Šestić

Product Owner

Head of Marketing - Image of Kristina Jovanović

Kristina believes beautiful stories are hard to resist and goes by the mantra: read more, learn more, live more.

Kristina Jovanović

Head of Marketing

Image of Milica Begovic, Copywriter

As a true artistic soul, Milica is crafting words by day and hitting high notes by night. She's either writing a story, acting one out, or singing about one!

Milica Begović

Content Writer

Head of Sales - Image of Andrea Forza

When not delivering Oscar-worthy pitches, Andrea’s being upstaged by her dog Nika, our unofficial office mascot.

Andrea Forca

Head of Sales

Account executive- Image of Pavle Milić

Pavle is the master of hitting the right notes, whether when closing deals or jamming with his band.

Pavle Milić

Account Executive

Image of Anja Anksentijevic, Head of customer support

Once she’s done saving our customers' day, Anya swaps her cape for 'Sekiro' & pineapple bites.

Anja Aksentijević

Head of Customer Support Team

Customer Support Representative - image of Nevena Milošević

Off the clock, Nevena turns the 'point well made' into a literal fencing triumph.

Nevena Milošević

Customer Success Manager

Kristina Djordjevic, Customer Support Representative

Be it a customer query or intricate origami, Kristina knows how to fold it into a good solution.

Kristina Đorđević

Customer Support Representative

Image of Dusan Begovic, Customer Support Representative

Dusan, master of mechanics and photography, finds harmony under the hood and behind the lens, all while chasing the perfect kebab.

Dušan Begović

Customer Support Representative

Image of Igor Lazarevic, Customer Support Representative

A creative soul with a passion for sound, travel and technology, Igor is here to boost users’ outreach by sharing his wide-spread knowledge.

Igor Lazarević

Customer Support Representative

Image of Dusan Ostojic - Customer support representative

When Dušan is not leveling up in games or laughing with 'Friends' TV show he flexes in his home gym. His mantra? When nothing goes right, go left!

Dušan Ostojić

Customer Support Representative

Relja Denic, Skylead CEO

Everything is possible, even sending bulk messages on Sales Navigator (through Skylead, though!).

Relja Denić


Co-Founder - Image of Kristian Živković

If not fishing or scuba diving, you will find Kristian reading his favorite book, "Think and Grow Rich" and planning action toward his accomplishments.

Kristian Živković


Co-Founder - Image of Jovan Jovanović

Jovan is driven by an insatiable appetite for exciting experiences, continuously challenging the limits to achieve groundbreaking accomplishments.

Jovan Jovanović


Image of Mihailo Kontarevic, UX Design Lead

Mihailo checkmates life with chess and melodies, and tunes into Richard Dawkins' wisdom—living each moment in grateful harmony.

Mihailo Konatarević

UX Design Lead

Image of Bratislava Velickovic, Digital Marketing Manager

With a coffee cup in hand, you'll find Bratislava typing away while her feline companions nod in approval. Their verdict? Always “Purr-fect!”

Bratislava Veličković

Digital Marketer

Image of Pavle Tenjovic, Back-end developer

Pavle is the ski-sloping, escape-room-cracking, reef-diving, car-vrooming gourmet who enjoys tackling the epic showdown: sushi vs. burgers!

Pavle Tenjović

Back-End Developer

Head of HR operations - Image od Nikola

Our (un)official psychologist, career developer, teacher, lawyer, peacemaker, event planner, detective…

Nikola Marković

Head of HR Operations

Kristina, Nikola and Jelena, career call to action

We are always looking for the best talent to help us on our mission.

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