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How to use Chat GPT for sales [+ Prompt examples]

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Chat GPT infiltrated many aspects of our lives, whether we like it or not. 

While some are panicking about Chat GPT taking over their jobs, others found ways to use it to be more effective in their everyday tasks

You’ve probably already heard that Chat GPT, among other fields, proved itself to be very useful for lead generation, sales, and cold outreach overall. 

Basically, as a language model based on artificial intelligence, Chat GPT can be a powerful tool for writing highly personalized sales templates that get replies and help you book meetings

But, pretty much like with people, it only works if you know how to “converse” with it, that is, to give precise and correct prompts.

In this blog, we will show you how to use Chat GPT for sales, or, more precisely: 

  • Converse with Chat GPT to get the most effective cold templates for sales;
  • Give feedback to Chat GPT for sales to adjust the answers to be more effective;
  • Create hyper-personalized sales messages by uploading your leads’ LinkedIn profiles;
  • Put together messages to use in sales automation tools;
  • And will give you ideas on when (and how) to use Chat GPT for sales to save time and create messages that get replies.

Basics of using Chat GPT for sales 

Not everyone knows how to communicate with Chat GPT, which is the key factor in successfully using this very advanced chatbot. 

Basically, the better prompts you give, the more satisfying results Chat GPT will bring back.

However, bear in mind that the prompt you give doesn’t need to be final. 

Once you give the initial prompt to Chat GPT, you can always adjust its answers in 3 ways

  • by giving another prompt(s) a try;
  • by feedbacking the answer and giving additional prompts to make Chat GPT adjust the answer;
  • by editing the answer manually to fit your need, especially if it needs a small tweak

Additionally, you can use Chat GPT for sales in combination with a LinkedIn automation tool and cold email software, such as Skylead, to create sales messages for emails, InMails, regular LinkedIn messages, any follow-ups, or even create entire outreach branches in Smart sequences in case your lead doesn’t answer [see the image below].

Skylead's Smart sequence example of one branch of smart sequence, how to use chat gpt for sales

Furthermore, Skylead allows you to A/B test LinkedIn connection requests, subject lines for emails and InMails, and any message body copy, so you can consider more than one input when using Chat GPT for sales

Skylead’s advanced reporting system allows you, aside from other analytics, to review A/B testing step by step and make data-driven decisions on what sales message worked best for your target leads. 

Skylead example of AB testing results, how to use chat gpt for sales

Now, let’s go ahead and show you a practical example of how to use Chat GPT for sales. 

Image of Free Trial CTA banner with Skylead support team and text "We suport you from day 1"

How to give prompts to Chat GPT for sales messages 

In this chapter, we will show you how to use Chat GPT to write a cold email

For the best results, we always advise our users to give precise instructions on the types of sales messages they want Chat GPT to write. 

Also, sometimes you need to emphasize that you need Chat GPT to generate both a cold email and a corresponding subject line, and sometimes by simply asking it to write an email, it will suggest the subject line as well. 

Chat GPT is not perfect, and it cannot read your thoughts (thank God!), so always strive to be as precise as possible when giving prompts. 

The more detail you provide, the more satisfying the result will be. 

So, let’s go ahead and see different ways to converse with Chat GPT for sales. 

Way #1 Copy & paste information and give a prompt.

So, to start, assemble the following on a sheet of paper: 

  • The characteristics of your ICP and Buyer Persona(s) within;
  • Pain points of your Buyer Persona and how your problem solves those pain points;
  • Unique selling proposition of your product or service. 

Then, you can copy and paste the relevant information, such as the desired length of your email, your Buyer's Personas goals and pain points, how your product solves them, and/or your product's USP. 

So, this was my initial prompt.


This is what I got. 


I personally found this email to be a bit too salesy and kind of “dry”. And this is exactly what I mentioned as a feedback

So, there’s no need to write an entirely new prompt. You can give honest feedback to Chat GPT. 


Here’s what I’ve got. 

ChatGPT prompt 1, answer 2

As you may see, you can go on and on like this. 

You can give feedback to Chat GPT on any part of the sales message you get or even edit the initial prompt until you find the most satisfying results. 

Here’s where you can edit your prompt

Image of how to edit prompt chat GPT

I will again remind you that, sometimes, it’s easier and better to edit the email manually or even mix and match different parts of different sales messages generated by Chat GPT. 

Way #2 Copy & paste information and give a prompt to use messages in a sales automation tool.

You can apply the same principle (or any other below) to prepare sales messages to use in sales automation software

Just make sure you tell chat GPT which variables (placeholders) you would like it to use so that the sales automation tool you’re using can personalize your outreach at scale

I used the same prompt as above, just changed the instructions part

Here’s the prompt. 


This is what I got. 


I liked the answer, but I noticed it was above 80 words. (again, always check cause Chat GPT is not perfect!)

So, I gave feedback and got another result. 

(Also, by clicking the “Regenerate response” button, you can probably go on and get new solutions for on and on.)


Way #3 Upload your lead's LinkedIn profile and give a prompt.

You can upload your lead’s LinkedIn profile and give the same instructions as above to write a more personalized message

#1 Go to your lead’s LinkedIn profile and download it in PDF format. 

how to download LinkedIn pdf

Upload it to your drive, then open the document, and click Share > Anyone with the link. 

You cannot just copy & paste someone's LinkedIn URL because Chat GPT is not "on LinkedIn", and what's on social media is not considered publicly available information for Chat GPT.

Copy and paste the link into Chat GPT, and give instructions


This is what I’ve got. 


I wasn’t very happy with the result, so I asked Chat GPT to give me a few other solutions


And another one. 


And another solution. 


Remember that you can also combine the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd ways to give prompts for more precise instructions

That is, upload your lead’s CV and then write their pain points, goals, and your product's unique selling points in the prompt. 

Join Sales Tribe community banner with text: Set up your sales game today

Way #4 Use LinkedIn posts to personalize icebreakers in your cold emails.

A great way to instantly connect with your leads and increase your response rates is to make a reference to their LinkedIn post that resonated with you and that (ideally) you can tie to your product or service

Just copy and paste the post to Chat GPT and give a prompt to use it in the introduction of your cold email. 

The reason why you cannot just copy and paste the link to the blog to Chat GPT is that the Chat GPT can only use publicly available information, and therefore it cannot access LinkedIn and other people’s profiles. 

Here’s what my prompt looked like. 


This is what I’ve got. 

I have to be honest; I was pretty happy with it right away. 

Sales tips, chat GPT example

Way #5 Use Chat GPT to fight the most common objections.

The simplest way to use Chat GPT to fight the most common objections handling situations to cold emails is to upload the email you’ve sent, your lead’s objection, and give instructions to Chat GPT to answer it. 

You can copy/paste the majority of the information. 

Here’s what my prompt looked like. 


This is what I got from Chat GPT.


I felt as if it was selling right off the bat a bit, so I gave another prompt. 


Way #6 Use Chat GPT to write follow-ups after no response.

Following the previous example, you can also ask Chat GPT to write a follow-up email after no response

The easiest way to give a prompt to Chat GPT is to copy/paste the email and give instructions. 

Of course, if you need something more specific, make sure you include details too. 

My prompt was very simple this time. 


This is what I got. 


I didn’t like the answer because I wanted my lead to answer or start a conversation with me instead of pushing for a sales pitch. 


How to give prompts to Chat GPT for sales subject lines 

Whether writing an email or InMail, subject lines are the key factor to a higher open rate. 

In this blog, we will show you 3 ways how to use Chat GPT for sales subject lines

Way #1 Copy & paste your cold email and give a prompt. 

Copy and paste the email to Chat GPT and ask it to suggest subject lines

Here’s what my prompt looked like. 

Chat GPT response

This is what I’ve got. 


You can go ahead and play with it just like we did in the previous examples. 

I asked Chat GPT to make the subject lines shorter, for example. 


Way #2 Insert keywords and important information and give a prompt.

Describe your product (you can also copy and paste information regarding your ICP and Buyer Persona that you think should be included in your subject line) and give a prompt to Chat GPT. 

Here’s my prompt. 


Here’s what I’ve got. 


Frequently asked questions

How can one integrate Chat GPT with CRM software to streamline the sales process further?

Integrating Chat GPT with CRM software can be achieved through APIs or webhook integrations. This allows automated data exchange, enabling Chat GPT to personalize communications based on CRM data, improving the sales process by offering tailored interactions and insights.

What are the limitations of Chat GPT in understanding and responding to complex sales scenarios or objections?

Chat GPT's limitations include difficulty in understanding nuances, emotional cues, and highly complex scenarios specific to certain industries. Its responses might lack the depth that comes from human experience and intuition, potentially misinterpreting intricate customer objections or specialized queries.

Can Chat GPT be used to generate not just initial outreach messages but also to automate ongoing communication based on recipient responses?

Yes, Chat GPT can be used for more than initial outreach; it can automate ongoing communication by analyzing recipient responses and generating follow-up messages. However, this requires sophisticated setup to interpret responses accurately and respond appropriately, maintaining a balance between automation and personal touch.


As you may see, your options for using Chat GPT for sales are infinite

Our only advice is not to be afraid to experiment and to give new prompts and feedback until you are completely satisfied with the result. 

Also, keep in mind that you can always manually adjust any solution Chat GPT suggests. 

And if you wish to test out 7 days for free how to combine Chat GPT with Skylead, a LinkedIn automation tool and cold email software, check out this link

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