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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Filters Explained 2023

LinkedIn Sales Navigator filters currently count 35 Lead filters and 16 Account filters, plus the Keywords filter they have in common.  As such, LinkedIn Sales Navigator represents one of the most powerful B2B prospecting tools. It is an extensive database, and it offers plenty of features to find leads, segment them, and even get alerts […]

Find Leads on LinkedIn: 5 Hacks Only Industry Leaders Use

Despite the countless platform options, finding leads on LinkedIn sometimes might seem like the Wild Wild West.  And yet, everyone is there. Networking, self-branding, promoting services, and searching for leads for their businesses.  However, in the sea of professionals and decision-makers, it is a quality lead that is hard to find. And if you make […]

Sales Navigator Search: How to Target Members of a LinkedIn Group

You finally decided to go for Sales Navigator and take your LinkedIn prospecting and Generation to the next level. By having 24 “Lead” filters at your disposal, the quality of your prospects will surely skyrocket, and so will your sales.  Now you are like a kid in a candy shop.  But there is that one […]

How to level-up your Skylead experience with Emails and Image Personalization – A step-by-step guide

Is it in your nature to always want more? Do you have a feeling that if you’re doing something, and you’re dedicating your time and expertise to it, you need to do it the best way possible and use your highest potential? If yes, we have a New Year’s present for you!  We are giving […]

10 Email Marketing tips to boost your sales with Skylead

Email Marketing has maintained popularity over the years.  It is an efficient way to get new leads, nurture relationships and raise awareness about your business. With the right strategies, you can gain new customers, as well as develop trust with current clients. That is, it can become a trusted way to boost sales and grow your […]

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