10 Objection Handling Situations With Rebuttals Examples To Win Them Over

It’s not unusual to get an objection from anyone. It’s not unusual to go through objection handling at any time. But when you see the prospects can retract from the offer with the ring of the chime, it’s not unusual for them to say goodbye.  How many times have you heard objections such as “That […]

6 Most Common Lead Generation Mistakes

You’ve done a serious outreach effort.  You came up with a well-thought-of marketing strategy, engaging copy, and targeted leads meticulously.  Still, it hasn’t brought the results you’ve expected.  How? You’ve followed every how-to guideline for successful outreach.  But have you read through a no-no manual as well?  Yeah. We thought so.  Inspired by our users’ […]

What Is Lead Acquisition and 5 Strategies To Do It Right

There is a process between the point of getting a new lead and the point where they convert into your new client. The space between the two is called lead acquisition. Constantly generating new leads is one of the best ways to get a bunch of new clients whether using LinkedIn or other channels. However, […]

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