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How to build your first campaign with Skylead

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Oh, hello there and welcome! 

We are so glad you joined our community of LinkedIn Lead Generation enthusiasts who are always striving to grow and keep up with the latest business trends. 

Now that we are together in this, let us take a moment and introduce you to building your first campaign with Skylead. 

You might be stumbling in the dark at the moment, but, trust us, nothing is as complicated as it seems. 

Let's get down to business meme

When you don’t know where to start… 

Choose LinkedIn. 

Jokes aside, in this blog we will make a LinkedIn search-based campaign to ease you into the entire Campaign Creation process. 

However, you should know that, when it comes to Skylead, options are far more extensive. Aside from LinkedIn, you can target leads from a Sales Navigator regular search, Sales Navigator Leads List, a CSV-imported file, and a LinkedIn post (Post Engagement Campaign). 

That being said, let’s open LinkedIn and target our audience first. 

Targeting your audience: A step-by-step guide

Start by typing a keyword in the search area. 

We went by a job title. 

Target Audience LinkedIn Search

After you clicked on “People”, choose the LinkedIn connection type you want your campaign to be aimed at. 

Target Audience LinkedIn Search Keyword

1st-degree connections are members that you are already connected with on LinkedIn. It is perfect for running a LinkedIn Message campaign. 

2nd-degree connections are best in case you want to expand your network. Those are leads you need to connect with first or reach out via LinkedIn InMail or Email (if Skylead discovers and verifies it).

The same applies to 3rd-degree connections. They are for expanding your network as well. The only difference is that they are not advisable to be reached out through Connection Requests on LinkedIn, but exclusively via Emails and/or InMails (whether Free or Paid).

Furthermore, you can choose other filters as well to narrow down your audience search as much as possible (see “All Filters” option on the right). 

Target Audience LinkedIn Search All Filters

Have in mind that you can include up to 1000 leads in case of a LinkedIn-search-based campaign, therefore it is highly recommended to narrow the list down as much as possible. 

First campaign creation - Where to start?

After you've done the prospecting on LinkedIn and chosen your audience successfully, open your Skylead account.

Click on “Create New Campaign”. 

Copy - Paste the LinkedIn search URL to Skylead’s Campaign Creator Page.

Skylead Copy Paste LinkedIn Search Url

Insert your Campaign name, paste the LinkedIn Search URL.

Skylead Manage Campaign Page

Under the LinkedIn URL, there is a type-of-connection button. Skylead automatically recognizes from the pasted URL which degree of connection you are targeting. 

Click “Next”. 

Campaign settings

Skylead Campaign Settings Page

By turning on/off the above options, Skylead will automatically:

Premium LinkedIn accounts only - single out only leads that have LinkedIn Premium account; 
Open InMail discovery - select only leads whose profiles are open to InMails;
Include People you already talked to - include/exclude leads that you have a chat history with on LinkedIn; 
Collect Contact Info - collect all the available information from the lead’s LinkedIn profile. This option implies a “View Step” (which you don’t need to add, it will be executed in the background) so that Skylead can visit the lead’s profile and collect all publicly available data. 

Skylead Campaign Settings Advanced

Skylead will:

Only unique leads - include/exclude all leads that exist in any other Skylead campaign;
No pending connections - not choose leads that already have a pending LinkedIn connection;
Track link clicks - track if the lead clicked on the link in the email (in case your email contains any);
Track email opens - check if the lead opened an email.

Skylead Schedule Campaign Option

Skylead gives you options of choosing the start date, start time, and your time zone. 

NOTE: Take into consideration whose account you are leading - yours or your client’s, who is maybe in another time zone

If you click on “Only Discover Leads”, Skylead will just export discovered leads in a CSV file.

Click “Next” and choose “Smart Sequence”. 

Skylead Choose Smart Sequence

First campaign: How to create a smart sequence 

This is what your dashboard will look like at first. 

Skylead Smart Sequence Dashboard

As you may see, on your right there are elements and conditions. 

Drag them one by one to the workspace dashboard and connect them in a coherent way to create your flow! 

Know that for each personalizable element, there is an option of inserting the message, using all the variables you need, making the most out of the Image and GIF hyper-personalization feature, and of setting up after how many days and/or hours you want a certain element or condition to be executed. All in one place! 

Skylead Smart Sequence Message

As complicated as it may seem, it is actually quite intuitive! 

You don’t believe us?

Check out this video tutorial on how to make a Smart Sequence and see for yourself! 

Furthermore, take a peek at several examples of Smart Sequences that our team of experts made (and tested) for you. These are templates with real data that you can use immediately.  

What is so special about Smart sequences? 

As Multichannel Outreach is currently the most effective way of generating leads, Smart Sequences represent a groundbreaking realization of that path! They allow you to create different scenarios for your workflows depending on the prospect’s behavior. 

Namely, it is the “if/then (condition)” step that makes the difference. 

To explain it in the simplest way possible, check out the type of sequence that other tools use to generate leads. 

For example, one (very simple) flow goes this way: Connection Request – LinkedIn Message –  (follow-up) LinkedIn Message. If everything goes as “planned”, not a problem. However, in case the prospect doesn’t accept your Connection Request the rest of the flow goes down the drain. 

Skylead Linear Sequence Example

With Smart Sequences, the same flow could be put in the following manner – “If Connection Request Accepted” then “Send Message”, “If Connection Request Not Accepted” then – a whole bunch of other options, such as “Email Discovery & Verification” – “If Email Found” - “Send Email”, etc. 

Skylead Smart Sequence Benefits

As you may see, your Smart Sequence will not just stop. It will proceed with other available/possible paths to your lead completely bypassing LinkedIn if necessary.


Hopefully, we demystified a bit the entire process of building a campaign on Skylead! 

If we got you interested and you’ve already realized that the campaign creation is far simpler than you thought, what are you waiting for?

Take the leap! ??

If not a user yet, schedule a demo call with a specialist from our team. Discuss how you can make the most out of our tool! 

If already our customer, feel free to reach us out on the Support Chat or schedule a Success Call with our Customer Support and Success Manager. 

We are waiting for you!

Launch your first outreach campaign today!
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