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The 6 most influential people you should follow on LinkedIn

6 most influential people you should follow on LinkedIn

We have been writing a lot about LinkedIn as a place to be whether it comes to LinkedIn prospecting, lead generation and business outreach. 

However, LinkedIn is also a place to learn, inspire, and get inspired by some of the world's most successful entrepreneurs.

With the social media boom, these influencers have been sharing with the world how to stay empowered and create an equally empowering work environment. 

Therefore, depending on your career goals, intentions with the industry, and what you seek most, you can make LinkedIn work to your advantage on so many levels.

Following people who bring value to the platform with their content is a great way to start. However, it is equally important to decide whom to follow to make the most out of their impactful insights. 

We are presenting our choice of the 6 most influential people on LinkedIn and why you should follow them. 

Arianna Huffington

President and Editor-in-Chief at The Huffington Post

Arianna Huffington LinkedIn

Arianna Huffington is the author of fifteen books, a syndicated columnist, and a businesswoman. She is a co-founder of The Huffington Post, the first commercially run US digital media to win a Pulitzer Prize. Arianna is also the founder and CEO of Thrive Global. It helps the world’s leading enterprises end the stress and burnout at work. So far-sighted, isn’t it? 

What you can learn from following Arianna on LinkedIn is how to lead a healthy, successful, and balanced life. This influencer covers a vast number of professional and lifestyle topics. These are thriving in times of uncertainty, redefining success, becoming fearless, the importance of physical and mental health and how to achieve it, the impact of our behavior on the planet, etc.

Are you in search of an influencer who can change both your private and professional life? Arianna is your woman! 

Simon Sinek

Author and inspirational speaker at Simon Sinek Inc.

Simon Sinek LinkedIn

Simon Sinek is an inspirational speaker and author of multiple bestselling books. These are Start With Why, Leaders Eat Last, Together is Better, and The Infinite Game. He is the creator of the Golden Circles, a concept used by businesses to differentiate their brand’s value proposition. 

Simon Sinek is best known for redefining the importance of company culture and helping advance a vision of the world in which the majority of people wake up every single morning inspired and safe at work. Following this influencer will help you connect with your clients on a more personal level. Also, it will teach you how to create a healthy and engaging work environment where your employees can prosper together with you. 

Every company should constantly improve its leadership, organizational structure, and get to know its employees are in order to strive. Following Simon Sinek on LinkedIn is an absolute must whether a startup or a multinational corporation. 

Melinda Gates 

Philanthropist, Author, and Co-Founder of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 

Melinda Gates LinkedIn

Consistently being ranked as the world's most powerful woman by Forbes, Melinda Gates is an author, philanthropist, former general manager at Microsoft, and a co-founder of The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, nonprofit fighting poverty, disease, and inequity around the world.

Melinda has dedicated her professional path to bringing an end to inequality in life and the workplace. Namely, this influencer pointed out the link between women’s empowerment and the overall health of society. Melinda advocated for the freedom to decide whether to have children or not, for women to have access to any type of job, for a paid family leave for everyone, and to eliminate gender bias in all its forms. 

We are far past the time when men were the only decision-makers and main participants in the economic impact. Understanding and applying the equality of the sexes in the workplace is the only path to creating a prospering business. 

Follow Melinda to learn how to achieve it! 

Neil Patel 

Marketing expert & Co-Founder of Neil Patel Digital

Neil Patel LinkedIn

Neil Patel is a marketing expert, entrepreneur, and a New York Times top-selling author. He is best known for his work in digital marketing and social media, and as the creator of Ubersuggest, a free online tool that helps you generate keyword ideas to improve and expand your content marketing strategy.

Nowadays, the absence of online presence equals not existing at all. Therefore, following a marketing guru such as Neil becomes a must. On his LinkedIn profile you will find insightful tips and tricks regarding your marketing strategies, optimizations of your online presence, digital media strategies, and similar. 

As someone who created one of the hundred most brilliant companies according to Entrepreneur Magazine, this influencer knows his stuff. 

Follow Neil so you know yours too! 

Gary Vaynerchuk

Serial entrepreneur and investor, Chairman of VaynerX, and CEO of VaynerMedia 

Gary Vaynerchuk LinkedIn

Gary Vaynerchuk is a New York Times bestselling author, co-founder of the restaurant reservation software company Resy and Empathy Wines, chairman of VaynerX, a modern-day media and communications company, and the active CEO of VaynerMedia, a social media-focused digital agency.

Gary is sharing content that encourages people to follow their passions and pursue their long-held goals. This influencer has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. It is now sharing motivational material, tips, tricks, and lessons he’d learned on his path to success. 

Gary is the embodiment of the Great American dream. Therefore, whether just getting started or being a seasoned entrepreneur, it cannot hurt you to learn valuable lessons from other people’s experiences, especially when as successful as Gary. 

Gretchen Rubin 

Author, blogger, and speaker

Gretchen Rubin LinkedIn

Gretchen Rubin is a bestselling author of books that help people understand themselves and create happier lives. These include The Happiness Project, Happier at Home, Better Than Before, The Four Tendencies, Outer Order, Inner Calm). Gretchen also leads an award-winning podcast Happier with Gretchen Rubin, has a series of video courses, and is a creator of an app Better.

This influencer believes that there is no one recipe that works for everyone to become happier, healthier, more productive, and creative. She strives to cover and offer effective solutions to modern-age problems such as loneliness, bad habits, struggles to be satisfied, situations that are preventing us from being happy, etc. As much as it seems that her major impact has to do with our private lives, these undoubtedly reflect on our careers as well. 

Follow Gretchen and you will soon realize that a happy entrepreneur is a successful entrepreneur. 

Wrapping up

If you just follow these 6 influencers on LinkedIn, you would have daily reminders to encourage you to follow your dreams (Gary), to create a healthy and productive work atmosphere (Simon), to encourage women in private lives and in the workplace (Melinda), to make sure your business has an impeccable online presence (Neil), while having in mind that the life and work balance (Arianna) lead to happy and fulfilled lives (Gretchen). Additionally, don't underestimate the value of micro nano-influencers. Integrating them into your LinkedIn feed alongside these prominent figures can offer unique perspectives and insights tailored to niche audiences. That said, you can follow our CEO, Relja Denic if you are interested in LinkedIn lead generation, multichannel outreach, and in general all things sales. 🙂

Try it out. You have nothing to lose! 

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