How to Write InMails That Open All Doors

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Statistics show that getting a response is 3 times more likely if you use InMails on LinkedIn instead of a classic email.

Why is that? ?

Firstly, you probably know that outreaching people on LinkedIn isn’t always easy. Especially, if they’re not your first-degree connections.

Secondly, you have to build a network of connections, and it’s not a guarantee that you’ll connect with the right decision-makers.

Thirdly, cold outreach has always been a sensitive area for connecting with unknown people. 

Salespeople and marketers often avoid it, and prospects are the ones who are looking to end a conversation in most cases.

However, the first impression is important and it plays a big role in building your relationship with prospects.☝️

Therefore it’s necessary for you to find a way to start your first interaction with someone and to do anything that can help you in the process of connecting.

You probably know that you can send LinkedIn messages to your first-degree connections only.

But tripling your response rate can get you huge benefits for your business on LinkedIn, agree??

And that’s where InMails step in.

In this blog, we will speak about how to write InMails and raise your chances of getting a response, and we’ll give you some effective templates that worked for us.

Before we get into that, let’s see what InMails are, and how they differ from regular LinkedIn messages.

What are InMails?

InMail is a powerful LinkedIn feature for boosting your outreach by sending messages that people would want to respond to.

What makes them so powerful is the fact that InMails are sort of messages that allow you to contact anyone on LinkedIn without being connected with them, contrary to regular LinkedIn messaging.

Luckily, you can automate your LinkedIn InMail campaigns easily by using Skylead, without the need to send each message separately.?

What’s a good move is to use InMails for connecting with 3rd-degree LinkedIn connections, while using classic connection requests for outreaching 2nd-degree connections.

However, it’s important to emphasize that you should use InMails for connecting with decision-makers – the ones who get a lot of connection requests, and who are hard to get in touch with.

Those people are often more likely to click “I don’t know this person” if you send them a connection request, which can get you into a LinkedIn jail.

How to Send InMails Using Skylead

In order to send an InMail using Skylead, first you need to decide what kind of campaign you want to run.

For example, if you want to contact CEOs only, and you run a search on LinkedIn to make sure that you filtered your target group right. 

And what’s next? 

You are now ready to create a campaign. Just choose LinkedIn search results on Skylead and paste the URL and there it is – the targeting phase is done.


Additionally, with Skylead you can reach out to users who are open to LinkedIn InMails. It is a great touchpoint with LinkedIn users.

Just don’t forget to enable the Open InMail discover option in your campaign dashboard.?

After you click Next, choose InMail, create your subject line and your message and the campaign is ready to be launched.

How Many InMails Can You Send in a Month?

You can send up to 800 InMails on a monthly basis, to people who have an OPEN badge on their LinkedIn profiles.


On the other side, to send LinkedIn InMails to people who are closed for them, it’s necessary for you to have a Premium LinkedIn account. If you don’t, you’ll need to upgrade it.

After you upgrade your LinkedIn account, you’ll get credits for the people who are closed to InMails.

The number of credits for closed ones depends on your Premium subscription package.

Based on your package, the number of InMails is:

Premium Career: 5
Premium Business: 15
Sales Navigator: 20
Recruiter Lite: 30

Additionally, every month, you receive new InMail credits. You can accumulate your messages from month to month, and they only expire after 90 days.

And now a surprise – after your recipient responds to a message, you’ll get your InMail credits back. ?

How to Create InMails

The InMail subject line can have up to 200 characters. The message body is your place to shine with up to 2000. Last but not least, don’t forget about the signature with 150. Use them well! ?

Here are a few tips on how to create an effective message that will leave a positive first impression and get a response.

1. Find Your Prospects

Before you start writing anything, define who you want to connect with. After you define it, you can easily filter them through a Sales Navigator or LinkedIn search including all the important details about them.

2. Know Your Goal

Your InMail needs to have a goal. If you don’t know why you are sending the message then the whole message will be pointless.

And do we really want that? ?

Have in mind that knowing your goal will make you more specific, and your message will be straight-to-the-point.

That’s what we want now! ?‍♀️

Note: You should be aware of the moment when you choose to get to the point. In most cases, we would recommend using your first interaction to connect, but you can also test and find out what works best for your target group.

3. Grab Their Attention in the Subject Line

Even if your InMail is the most personalized, interesting, and engaging message, having a poor subject line makes your message seem irrelevant. Therefore, to make your prospect read your InMail, you must create a short and compelling subject line.

4. Introduce Yourself

One of the first questions that we ask ourselves when we see someone new in our Inbox usually is: “Who is this?” or “What does he/she want?”. So, before you get to the point, give your potential connection a brief introduction about yourself.

5. Keep it Personal

This is probably the most important part. When writing a message, think about the fact that your prospect should feel like it’s only for them, and no one else. Don’t allow yourself to make it generic and boring. That is, a well-crafted and personalized InMail is the one that will get you the desired results. 

And to do that, you should do your research about the prospect well. Statistics show that the more you personalize your message, the more the response rates increase, even up to 50%

6. Be Short and Direct

Ever heard of a saying about how “time is money”? ?

Sure you did. ✔️

Therefore, respect your prospect’s time that they invested in reading your message. Don’t waste it. The more you shorten your message, the more gladly will your prospect read it.

Friendly advice: Try to keep your message concise and use up to 700 characters.

7. Include a Call to Action

One of the biggest mistakes people make is not including a call to action or having weak closes in their InMails. That’s why, to make your prospects respond, you need to have a specific call to action. Don’t make them wonder about what they should do next. Be straightforward. For example, by making a suggestion like: “Wanna hear more? – Let’s schedule a call.” you will most likely make them react in some way.

8. Is Anytime a Good Time to Deliver an InMail?

Generally, weekends are bad for sending messages. It’s better to set working days for sending messages. Also, Skylead you can set up a number of hours per day that you want your campaign to work.

Best LinkedIn InMail Examples

It’s not always easy to start with creating your messages, especially if you don’t have any experience in creating InMails. That’s why we’ve created some of the examples for you, so you can use them to begin with your messaging.

1. Conversation starter

Subject: Providing/Doing {{Service/Product}}?


Hey {{firstName}}! ?

I noticed your profile while I was looking for {{Service/Product}} in {{Industry/Country}}. 

Can you confirm that you do provide {{Service/Product}}?

Kind regards,




Note: This template is mostly used to start a conversation with the prospects that are already providing the service you’re interested in.

2. Fully transparent template

Subject examples:

1: Would you like to try out {{Service/ProductYouProvide}}?
2: In a need for {{Service/ProductYouProvide}}?
3: Need help with {{ProblemYourService/ProductResolves}}?


Hello {{firstName}}, I can see that you’re the {{occupation}} at {{currentCompany}}. 

I presume you’re very busy so I’ll get to it. ☝️

We are currently helping XYZ companies with their {{Service/Product}} and we think {{currentCompany}} might see value in it. 

Our Product/Service can help you with:

  1. Main problem you’re solving
  2. Second main problem you’re solving
  3. Third problem you’re solving

And many others!

However, it would be best if we could get on a quick call to discuss everything you might be having trouble with.

So just hit reply and let’s connect! ??

P.S. It’s considered rude to click on the predefined text about how “this is not something you’re looking for”.

You know better than that {{firstName}}.




3. Promoting Online Events/Webinars

Subject: Sign up for {{nameofTheEvent}}


Greetings {{firstName}}. 

At {{timeOfTheEvent}} we will be hosting {{nameOfTheEvent}}. ?

Having in mind that you are a {{occupation}} I think you will see immediate value in it since it will answer these questions/topics which might be currently impacting your business, as well.

Questions that will be discussed:


If these topics are interesting to you, feel free to register on the link below:


Let me know what you think about this {{firstName}}.


Kind regards



4. Content promotion

Subject example 1: Check out this Blog

Subject example 2: {{titleOfTheBlog}}


Hello {{firstName}},

I came across your profile and I saw that you were {{occupation}} at {{currentCompany}}, and I thought that our recent blog that we posted “{{titleOfTheBlog}}” could be interesting to you. The blog explains how to solve the issue of {{problem}}

You can check the blog at this link: {{linkOfTheBlog}}

Let me know what you think about this. ?


Cheers ?



5. Give free help to a new business

Subject examples:

1: Free help here
2: Free advice here
3: A piece of advice


Hello {{firstName}}, saw that you recently launched your business.


As an expert in the business of {{industryYouAreWorkingIn}}, I can tell you the problem most companies have is {{problem}}, and wanted to give you some ways you could resolve it:

  • Solution n1
  • Suggestion n2
  • Way n3

If you’re up for it we can have a call and talk about potential solutions and how can you implement them in your company. I simply want to talk, provide some advice and learn about your business.

How does that sound to you?






In conclusion, when it comes to generating new connections, leads, and conversions in general, InMails help you stand out from others and reach positive results.

Furthermore, InMail’s naturally higher response rate can be a great boost to your compelling messages, and Skylead can help you in that process. ?

Remember, these tips can help you a lot, as can examples. However, the important thing for you is to constantly test out different solutions in order to create the perfect messages for your prospects.

If you have your own success stories about InMail templates that gave you results, feel free to share them with us in the comments. We would love to hear them from you.

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How to Write InMails That Open All Doors
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