Why Use LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator For Your Lead Generation

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It is quite impossible nowadays to be in Lead Generation Business and not use LinkedIn. 

Moreover, it is hard to imagine any type of prospecting without LinkedIn Premium or Sales Navigator.

Whether you are doing Lead Generation manually or using an automation tool, we strongly recommend switching your LinkedIn Basic Profile to Premium or Sales Navigator Accounts. 

Important info. 

When upgrading from Premium to Sales Navigator, know that you will not be paying for both. It might be confusing since Sales Navigator is a separate platform. However, you are charged only for what you are subscribed to at the moment. 

Image showing LinkedIn membership levels and prices

Today, we will deep dive into the advantages of LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator and the reasons why it is worth investing in them. 

LinkedIn Basic Account 

LinkedIn Basic is free of charge. 

It allows anyone to create and maintain a professional account online. 

Each user has the option of: 

  • Finding and reconnecting with the users you know;
  • Requesting and providing recommendations;
  • Searching for and viewing a certain number of profiles of other LinkedIn members;
  • Receiving unlimited InMail messages;
  • Having the same filtering options as LinkedIn Premium.

However, LinkedIn Basic is quite limiting when it comes to how much you can perform. 

Firstly, running more than several searches with LinkedIn Basic will bring you a search restriction. You won’t be able to run any type of search on LinkedIn for a certain period of time. 

Secondly, by performing “too many” Views, Follows, Invites to Connect, etc., you risk a restriction, if not even a LinkedIn jail. This can happen whether you are doing these actions manually or through an automation tool. 

Thirdly, while you can receive an unlimited number of InMails, you cannot send any to other users. This way you are highly disadvantaged when it comes to connecting with other users on LinkedIn. 

So, if you are on LinkedIn for prospecting and expanding your professional network, we highly recommend considering the following two. 

LinkedIn Premium Profile 

LinkedIn Basic and LinkedIn Premium Accounts don’t defer when it comes to Filtering. 

However, there are several advantages that will take your prospecting to the next level if you go for LinkedIn Premium. 

Monthly InMail Credit 

With LinkedIn Premium, you can send 800 free InMails to profiles that are “Open to InMails”. Moreover, you get 5 credits for paid InMails per month that you can use to reach out to any user on LinkedIn. 

And, hear this. 

Each time a user answers to your InMail, you get that credit back. 

Use them wisely! They might turn into your strongest weapon for reaching out to prospects!

You can run an unlimited profile/account search with LinkedIn Premium. 

No bans, no restrictions, just freedom to discover new leads. 

Who’s Viewed Your Profile 

The Premium version of LinkedIn allows you to see everyone, including recruiters and hiring managers, that viewed your profile. 

Maybe your best leads actually found you first! 

On-Demand Learning 

There are over 15000 courses on LinkedIn available for Premium Users. They are meant to sharpen your skills and give you industry-related knowledge. Some of them even offer completion certificates. 

Company Insights 

This feature is useful for business pages on the Premium plan. It gives you complete access to industry trends, competitor data, and analytics

Other than the above-mentioned, LinkedIn Premium Profile allows you to: 

  • See the top 100 most viewed people in your network, and how you rank against other professionals in your industry;
  • Expanded Search Listings mean more information from your profile shows up when someone searches your name;
  • Keyword Suggestions that can be applied to write a more search-friendly Profile Summary.

For advanced targeting, and many other perks, check out LinkedIn Sales Navigator. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a sales management tool designed specifically for lead generation and sales prospecting on the LinkedIn platform. 

Therefore, it is justifiable that the majority of features are sales and leads-oriented. 

Once you decide to sign up for Sales Navigator, you will be offered two options: Sales Navigator Professional or Sales Navigator Teams. 

Image showing Sales Navigator Professional and Sales Navigator team features

Sales Navigator Professional

Image of Sales Navigator Professional features

Sales Navigator Teams

Image of Sales Navigator Teams features

Here are some features that make a difference and that you cannot find at LinkedIn Basic or Premium. 

Advanced Filtering 

Sales Navigator gives you 24 filters for “Lead Search” and 13 for “Account Search” in comparison to LinkedIn basic’s option of 11 for the “Lead Search” and 5 for “Account Search”.

Lead search refers to individual user’s profiles, while Account search to company’s profile. 

Image showing Sales Navigator filters and search option

For ultimate targeting, learn How to Use Sales Navigator Filters

Saved Searches

Saved Searches allow you to save your search criteria. Namely, Sales Navigator memorizes your filters and keeps automatically adding leads and/or accounts who matched the previously-set criteria. 

Each time a lead/account has been added to your search criteria, you will get an email notification. 

Image showing email notification option whenever lead is added

You can set your notifications to arrive daily, weekly or monthly, or never. 

Monthly InMail Credit 

With Sales Navigator, you get 20 InMail Credits per month, aside from 800 free InMails available for profiles that are “Open to InMails”.

As mentioned before, this feature allows you to contact anyone on LinkedIn who is not already part of your network. It is an excellent way to reach out to other users while still following professional etiquette. 

A Smart Link is a link to a document (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, or image file) or a downloadable (a video, zip file, CSV, etc.) that you can insert in an InMail message.

Only Sales Navigator Teams and Enterprise support Smart Links. 

The main advantage of the smart link is the option of following link clicks, amount of time the recipient spent viewing the content, the date and the time that the recipient accessed the content, etc. 

Also, if the user that clicked on your content is logged into their LinkedIn account, you will be able to see basic info from their profile such as name, title, company, and public profile picture. As you are able to see their identity, you will have the option of sending them an InMail (free if opened to free InMails and paid if not). 

In case they are not logged into their LinkedIn account, they will be inserting their Name and Email address before accessing your content. 

This is an awesome way for sales and marketing teams to collect significant insights. 

Connect CRM

You can use the Sales Navigator CRM Embedded profile to view and leverage LinkedIn information directly to one place.

Having an insight into this data helps businesses improve customer experience and retention, collect more information on your leads’ interests, preferences, and therefore segment your outreach better. 

This option is available for Sales Navigator Teams and Enterprise. 

Sales Navigator integrates with the following major CRMs: 

  • Salesforce;
  • Hubspot;
  • SugarCRM;
  • SAP; 
  • Pega;
  • Oracle;
  • Microsoft Dynamics. 


At the end of the day, the choice of your LinkedIn Account will highly depend on your intentions on LinkedIn. 

If your intention is high-level prospecting or any prospecting whatsoever, you should undoubtedly aim towards LinkedIn Premium, or even better, Sales Navigator. 

For ultimate Lead Generation, take your perfectly narrowed-down audience and use a Sales Engagement Software that will save you time, while reaching out to a higher number of prospects. 

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Why Use LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator For Your Lead Generation
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