8 Best LinkedIn Message Templates for Getting More Sales in 2021

Are you aware of the fact that LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools for finding potential clients? 

If you do it properly, it becomes the perfect place for connecting and creating relationships.

As a result, these will most likely become your loyal customers or future partners.

However, getting more sales on LinkedIn isn’t so easy. 

You may think that including your best offer in the introductory message will attract the attention of buyers. But you should know one thing – no one buys at the first step!

Especially if you’re talking about yourself from the very start.

Actually, that’s the worst nightmare for LinkedIn users. They will either block you immediately or just ignore you.

In order to even get a chance to sell something, you have to build a relationship with your prospects.

The question is – how can you get there? 

For example, by sharing the content that may be valuable, giving them a reason to connect with you, helping them solve their problems, and being there for them when needed. 

In oder words, there is no ultimate LinkedIn message template that could convert prospects into buyers.

However, there are some tips that you could follow in order to improve your success rate.

That is to say, for every single connection, your message has to be personalized in some way if you want to minimize your number of declines.

That’s why, in order to you reach your goals, we’ve prepared our eight best LinkedIn message templates. These will help you build genuine relationships and get tons of conversions.

Therefore, in this article you will read about:

– LinkedIn message templates for increasing your connection acceptance
– Getting new clients with proven LinkedIn message templates
– LinkedIn message templates for building new partnerships
– Generating new backlinks using proper templates

LinkedIn Message Templates for Increasing Connection Acceptance

In this paragraph, we will speak about LinkedIn Message Templates Suggestions that will most likely increase your acceptance rate.

So, many users are getting tons of spam messages on LinkedIn daily. Why would they think you are different if you’re using the same methods?

In other words, writing a default Connection Request message can really downsize your request acceptance rate.

If your initial messages are just you talking about yourself, or are sales pushy, people are more likely to ignore it and perceive you as a spammer.

On the other hand, making your messages sound professional, kind, and like you’re sincerely interested in hearing more about ones you connect with will make a huge difference in a positive way.

That’s why, in order to prevent the rejection of your connection requests, we’re going through some LinkedIn message templates that you could implement in your sales strategy after reading this.

LinkedIn Message Template #1 – Show People That You Have Something in Common

With this template, we will show you how having a personalized message that’s expressing your interest in what people do and your desire to bring them some value is an excellent step towards getting noticed.

In other words, showing that you care could leave a positive impression and make them accept your request.

Here’s the basic but effective LinkedIn message template to demonstrate this.

Hey {{FirstName}},

I came across your profile and was really interested in your background in {{Position}} in the {{Industry}} I would love to connect with you! I share a lot of content about {{HisProfession}} that could be useful to you.

Looking forward to hearing more about you,


What we like about this template is that its short form immediately shows that we dived into the person’s profile and found something that we have in common with them. 

Additionally, this template immediately promises some useful content to the person if they decide to connect with us.

If you’re sending a request to someone who shares the same values and interests with you, this template will help the prospect see you as a valuable connection worth following.

LinkedIn Message Template #2 – Give Them a Reason To Talk About Themselves

With this template, we will give you the whole process of communication that can be used to gain lots of new leads.

Invite to connect message

Hi {{FirstName}},

I see that you are {{Position}} at {{CurrentCompany}}.

I’m looking to connect with {{Position}} professionals like you.



Founder {{YourCompany}}

1st message 

Hi {{firstName}}, thanks for the connect!

I have a question if you don’t mind me asking. Where do you find

most of the clients for {{currentCompany}}?

2nd message

{{firstName}}, Skylead can help {{currentCompany}} to generate more leads with deep personalization on LinkedIn. 

What’s a good time to discuss more on a call this week? 

3rd message

Hey {{firstName}}, I haven’t heard back from you yet. If you are still interested, I have some great ideas about how to generate new leads.

What’s a good time to discuss more on a call this week?

Looking forward to talking to you!

Best regards,


What we like in this template is that it’s personalized and talking about success of the person we’re connecting with. 

In short, people love talking about their success. That is why this persona would most likely gladly accept the above message request, and maybe even share some of their secrets.

What makes this LinkedIn message template so great is that it gives the person a chance to talk about themselves and their business. 

In other words, it is a good conversation starter that allows you to get to know the person better and decide on the best way to approach them.

To sum up, you could use this template when connecting with people who like to share their achievements, successful projects, and campaigns as their posts. Many LinkedIn users do that, which leaves enough space for you to put this message template into use.

Getting New Clients with Proven LinkedIn Message Templates

In this paragraph, we will speak about getting new clients with proven LinkedIn Message Templates and why your messages will probably fail if you just start with a pitch in them.

Keep in mind that your personalized message should show a willingness for connection, not only your personal interest.

Template for Getting New Clients by Mentioning a Mutual Connection

With this template, we will show you how looking for connections between you and your prospects is a good way to convert them into clients. People simply like to work with someone who is reliable.

Having friends and interests in common makes you look similar.

The following template could be used only for an InMail option, because of the characters limit.

Hello {{FirstName}},

Nice to meet you! I noticed that we’re both connected with {{MutualConnectionsName}}. I see that you are {{in the same industry/share the same interests}} as {{MutualConnectionsName}}, so I thought it would be nice to get in touch with you. Do you know him/her well?

We have a new tool that {{benefit of using it}}. I think that {{YourProduct}} could help your team {{Value from it’s using}}.

Are you free for a quick call at {{specific time and date}}? I can explain exactly how it works?

No strings attached.

Hope to hear back from you,


The reason this template works is because it’s creating some personal context related to mutual connections.

Furthermore, it is giving them a reason to connect with us, especially if that mutual connection is someone they know in person.

Applying this example makes you appear more reliable and it makes your connection want to find out more about your product after seeing the benefits.

However, before using this LinkedIn message template, check if they have had direct contact with your mutual connection in the posts. 

Template for Getting Clients by Expressing Admiration for Their Work

With this template, we will show you how admiring your prospects is a good way to start a conversation.

This is also an InMail option.

Hey {{FirstName}},

My name is {{YourName}}, a {{YourPosition}} at {{CompanyName}}. I came across your post about {{Topic}}, and I had to connect with you.

You seem like exactly the person we seek – {{something specific about them}} as I noticed in some of your posts.

I also saw you worked on {{something that’s showing why they could be your perfect client}}, and I have something I think you might have benefits from in future.

Can you take a call at 3:30pm this evening to discuss further?

No pushy sales manipulation, I promise.

Hope to hear you back,


What we like in this message is that it’s honestly talking about your prospect’s work.

It’s not pushy or too ‘’salesy’’. We included a little joke by promising that we won’t try to manipulate them in order to sell something.

This message is one that you could send to business people who like to joke, and who aren’t too serious all the time.

You can spot them by checking out their posts on LinkedIn.

Template for Getting Clients by Helping Them to Improve Outreach Efforts

This is the InMail template we used to get tons of new clients. It showcases the benefits of our tool, and you can apply it to your business as well.

InMail subject

Turn your lead generation efforts on autopilot

InMail message

Hi {{FirstName}},

I would like to tell you how to boost your LinkedIn outreach efforts with a new level of automation.

Unlike Chrome extensions that are no longer safe and are often full of bugs, I founded a tool that is:

– Cloud-based
– 100% safe to use
– Never risk getting a ban
– Untraceable for LinkedIn
– Don’t have to keep your screen on
– Deep personalization
– 140 messages and connections per day
– Up to 800 InMails monthly 

– More than 10% response rate
-10-30 responses daily on average for our users
– White label option

You can see more details here: https://skylead.io {{YourWebsite}}

Are you interested to hear more about it?


What we like about this template is that we’re showing concrete benefits of using our tool.

It’s not sales pushy, but rather just showing our leads what benefits they could have by using the tool and how their business could easily grow.

LinkedIn Message Templates for Building New Partnerships

In this paragraph, we will show you how to leverage new partnerships on LinkedIn.

With more than 500 million LinkedIn users, you are able to build a strong network of partners and get many new referrals if you do it the right way.

Template for Partnerships – Getting Benefits on Both Sides

Firstly, look for details on your partner’s profile that you’re going to use in your personalized message.

Secondly, see what topic they’re passionate about.

Thirdly, include them in your personalized message.

Hey {{FirstName}},

I saw on your profile that you’re associated with {{Industry}}. I’m also interested in {{Industry}} and its effects on {{specific topic}}. I believe that we could mutually benefit from connecting with each other – would you be open to it?

Wish you a great week,


This template isn’t pushy. It is personalized and it is gently inviting for partnership.

You can use it as a Connection Request Message or as an InMail option.

Use it for connections you really share values with and for building partnerships that both sides could benefit from. 

Template for Building New Partnerships by Getting Them Referrals

With this template, we will show you how to give something valuable in return when looking for someone to get referrals from.

Shortly, best way is to also provide referrals for them.

Here is a connection request message:

Hey {{FirstName}},

It looks like we both love {{Industry}}. I’m meeting with successful {{Industry}} people every week to talk about {{topic}}, and we help each other with introductions to prospects.

Are you interested in talking about how we might help each other?

Hope to meet you soon,


And here is a longer version for an InMail option.

Hey {{FirstName}},

It looks like we both love to work in {{Industry}}. I meet with a handful of successful {{Industry}} people every week to talk about {{topic}}, and we help each other with introductions to prospects. In some months, my networking group books me more meetings than my clients.

Would you be interested in meeting for a coffee to talk about how we might be able to help each other?

Hope to meet you soon,


What’s great about this example is that you’re offering something that’s obviously beneficial for partners and it is that you’re open to help them get more clients and referrals.

This way you are showing you have a strong network group that they could benefit from.

Use it when reaching partners that you know require a strong network around their business.

In this paragraph, we will show you how to develop a great link-building strategy. It starts with a single request, usually via email, but you can do it on Linkedin as well.

If the strategy is created properly and the message contains a valuable offer, there is no reason to get declined.

That’s where our templates come in.

With this template, we will show you that link round-ups are a great way of generating new backlinks, especially when it’s from high authority sites.

Firstly, to find domains that do round-up posts, try typing “industry + round up” in the search bar.

Secondly, after finding who you want to contact, send them an appropriate message. 

Here is an option for connection requests.

Hey {{FirstName}},

I found your blog on {{source}} and love your round-up on {{Round-up topic}}.

As someone who regularly writes about {{Topics}} on {{Name of your blog}}I wanted to see if I could be included in your next feature?

If you see anything that fits you, feel free to include it.



And here is a longer version for an InMail.

Hey {{FirstName}},

I was browsing your blog after finding it on {{source – Google}}. I love what you’re posting, especially your round-up on {{Round-up topic}}.

After reading your blog for a while, I wanted to reach out to see if I could be included in your next feature?

I frequently talk about {{Topics}} on {{Name of your blog}}. If you notice anything that works for you, please feel free to use it.



We love this template because it gives an ego boost to the person we’re contacting when mentioning how we found them.

As a result, you can collect a lot of valuable backlinks.

It’s proper to use it in your industry if there are domains that do link round-ups.

With this template, we will show you how creating more valuable content than your competitor’s is always a great way for building strong backlinks.

That is, when you find a relevant topic for building your backlinks, you have to create valuable posts in order to get it.

After that, it’s up to you to get as many people as you can to notice your post.

So here’s an example:

Hey {{FirstName}},

My name is {{YourName}} and I just came across your resource page for {{target audience}}:

{{insert link to their resource page}}

I work with {{CompanyName}}, which {{brief description of what the company does and can freely offer}}:

{{insert link to the target page relevant to their resource page}}

It might make a good addition to your page and provide a lot of value to your visitors.

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.




What’s great about this template is that this strategy is evergreen. If you create valuable content suited for the chosen domain, there’s no reason for them to not accept your content.

This template got tons of new backlinks to many businesses. 

We suggest using it for creating content for other websites that use the domain authority similar to yours. It will increase your chances for acceptance.


We hope you find these LinkedIn message templates valuable, and that they will benefit you in your future actions.

We offered specific examples that you could implement in your future outreach campaign.

LinkedIn is one of the most efficient sites where you’re able to find beneficial opportunities for your business.

Whether you’re using them for spreading your network, getting new clients, partners, or doing any kind of outreach, these strategic templates could grow your chances for success.

Also, Skylead’s smart chat feature can help you not to lose the hot leads in your inbox. 

With this feature, you’re able to sort your messages by campaigns or lead labels and focus on closing tons of new deals without losing any messages in the process.

Use your LinkedIn account to its full potential.

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8 Best LinkedIn Message Templates for Getting More Sales in 2021
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