LinkedIn Sales Navigator Filters: The Complete 2022 Guide

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Filters Explained In Detail [+9 Hacks]

Did you know that Sales Navigator users take advantage of only 10% of the Sales Navigator Filters’ full potential, which is quite a shame considering its enormous potential to find qualified leads en masse? 

Currently, the platform offers 29 Lead Filters, 17 of which are Sales Navigator only. It means that they are exclusively available to Sales Navigator users and that no other LinkedIn plan users, basic or premium, can benefit from them. You’ll recognize them by the Sales Navigator icon next to the filter name. 

Sales Navigator Only Filter Icon

Furthermore, Sales Navigator offers 15 Account Filters, specific search parameters dedicated to narrowing down LinkedIn company profiles. Often underestimated, these filters should actually be a go-to for any B2B Sales Rep or Marketer independently from their industry. You can find Sales Navigator Account Filters together with several hacks only top-notch industry leaders use explained in detail in the blog linked above. 

In this blog, we will cover: 

  • A complete guide to each Sales Navigator Filter (Lead Search)
  • 9 hacks for using Sales Navigator Filters for quality prospecting 

Sales Navigator Filters: Where do I find them? 

Open your Sales Navigator. Click “Lead Filters”.

Where To Find Sales Navigator Leads Filters

Here are all the Sales Navigator Lead Filters. The drop-down menu looks like this. 

Sales Navigator Filters, All Filters

Before moving on to a detailed explanation of each Sales Navigator Filter, let’s explain what Boolean search and Exclusion options are. 

Boolean Search: What Is It And How To Use It Properly 

Boolean search allows you to combine words and phrases using the Boolean operators AND, OR, NOT to limit, broaden, or define your LinkedIn lead generation

In Sales Navigator filters, you can use them one by one, or combine them for advanced search. 

Here’s a detailed explanation of how Boolean search works for Sales Navigator filters and how to apply them to ensure qualified leads. 

Key instructions 

  • When applying Boolean operators, make sure that they are written in uppercase: AND – OR – NOT. 
  • If using more than one word, it needs to be quoted (i.e. “content writer” OR copywriter). 
  • If combining operators, use parentheses to define your expectations from the search engine (i.e. (“content writer” OR copywriter) AND writer). More on this is down below. 

Boolean operators 

  • AND – it finds leads that meet both criteria. For example, in the case of lead filters, if you put Copywriter AND Writer, the Sales Navigator filters will list all leads containing both words in their LinkedIn profile. 
  • OR – it shows leads that meet one of the criteria. In the case of lead filters, if you put Copywriter OR Writer, the Sales Navigator filter will find leads’ profiles that contain one of the two or both. 
  • NOT – this Boolean operator is used before the keyword you would like to be excluded from the search. For example, if you put NOT content, Sales Navigator filters will list leads whose profiles don’t contain the word content

Advanced Boolean Search 

For an advanced search, combine Boolean operators. 

For example: 

(Copywriter OR Writer) AND SEO

This search shows leads’ profiles that contain one or both terms from the parentheses and SEO on their LinkedIn profile. 

(Copywriter AND Content) OR “Content Manager”

This search finds leads’ profiles that meet either both of the criteria from the parenthesis or those who have a content manager position listed somewhere on their LinkedIn profile. 

(Content AND “Content Manager”) NOT Copywriter 

This search finds leads’ profiles that meet both criteria from the parenthesis and exclude those who have a copywriter position listed somewhere on their LinkedIn profile. 

How Do I Exclude Leads From A Sales Navigator Search? 

Some of the Sales Navigator Lead filters allow you to exclude certain parameters from the search. Consider this option as some kind of a blacklist. 

This is how you exclude certain parameters from your search results. 

How To Exclude Leads From A Sales Navigator Search

You can do it this way too. 

Hover over the keyword(s) that you want to exclude and click on this button. 

How To Exclude Leads From A Sales Navigator Search Option 2

The excluded keyword(s) appear like this. 

This Is How Excluded Leads Appear In A Sales Navigator Search

Sales Navigator Filters that support this option

  • Current company
  • Past company 
  • Company headquarters 
  • Function 
  • Job title
  • Seniority level 
  • Geography
  • Industry 
  • School
  • Year of experience 
  • Account lists 
  • Lead lists 
  • Saved leads and accounts 

Sales Navigator Search Filters Explained 


Keyword Sales Navigator filter is separate from the list of other lead filters, and you can find it here. 

Sales Navigator Filter Keywords

It works on the principle of listing all LinkedIn profiles containing the word you enter. 

As simple as it might seem, the Keywords Sales Navigator filter still stays at the very top of the most valuable filters of this advanced search engine. Since it supports the Boolean search, it gives Sales Navigator users numerous options to refine their lead generation. Boolean is available for both Sales Navigator Leads and Account filters and is one of the top LinkedIn prospecting hacks used by industry professionals to generate qualified leads. 

Section: COMPANY 

Current Company 

List (or exclude) leads that currently work at a specific company. 

Sales Navigator Filter Current Company

Past Company 

List (or exclude) leads that used to work at a specific company. 

Sales Navigator Filters Past Company

Company Headcount 

A Sales Navigator Company headcount filter is considered to be unreliable as companies don’t update their headcount on a regular basis. Furthermore, as you may see, the headcount parameters are pretty wide for some of the options. There is also the Self-employed option. It only depends on how precise you need this search to be for your business goals. 

Sales Navigator Filters Company Headcount

Company Type 

Use this Sales Navigator filter if the type of company that you are targeting is important for your outreach. Have in mind that the LinkedIn company page creator decides what to put as a company type. Therefore, LinkedIn itself cannot know how accurate this information is. 

Sales Navigator Filter Company Type

The company types that you can choose from: 

  • Privately held: startup held by a few people;
  • Public company: a company whose stocks are available for purchase;
  • Educational institution: schools and universities; 
  • Government Agency: government entities;
  • Non-profit: a company whose capital is on a positive zero; 
  • Partnership: business shared by multiple owners; 
  • Self-owned: individuals who run their own businesses;
  • Self-employed: company owner is the only employee of the company;
  • College page: an official LinkedIn college page. 

Company Headquarters 

You can filter company headquarters by continent, geographical divisions (EMEA), country, region, city. 

Sales Navigator Company Headquarters

Regional abbreviations 

  • Oceania
  • Asia 
  • Nordics 
  • MENA: the Middle East and Northern Africa 
  • EMEA: Europe, Middle East, and Africa 
  • Europe 
  • DACH: acronym that stands for D – Deutschland, A – Austria, and CH – Confœderatio Helvetica (Switzerland’s official name in Latin).
  • Benelux: Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. 
  • North America
  • APJ: the Asia Pacific and Japan
  • South America
  • APAC: Asia – Pacific 
  • Africa

Section: ROLE 


The Sales Navigator Function filter refers to the company department in which the lead works. 

Sales Navigator Filter Function

Job title 

Filter your leads based on the title they hold or used to hold in different companies. Narrow down your search results based on their current, past, current or past, or past not current position. Additionally, this filter supports both Boolean search and the Exclude option. 

Sales Navigator Filters Job Tile


Let’s say we search for CEOs. 

  • Current: it shows leads that have the title “CEO” listed as their current position. 
  • Past: this search shows leads that have the title “CEO” listed as their past employment, independently from their current position. This Sales Navigator filter exclusively takes into consideration the lead’s employment history.  Therefore, this search will also list leads that are maybe CEOs at another company. If you want to avoid leads that are currently CEOs, choose the “past not current” filter. 
  • Current or past: it lists leads that have the title “CEO” either as their current or past position. 
  • Past not current: this search shows leads that used to be CEOs, but are not holding that position anymore. 

Seniority Level 

Seniority Level is NOT the title but the lead’s level of management in the current company. You can add multiple seniority levels. 

Sales Navigator Filters Seniority Level

Years In Current Company 

This Sales Navigator filter finds leads based on the number of years at their current company. 

Sales Navigator Filters Years In Current Company

You should know that: 

  • 1 to 2 years: it refers to the period from 1 to 2 years and 11 months.
  • 3 to 5 years: this search takes into account the period from 3 to 5 years and 11 months.
  • 6 to 10 years: it refers to the period from 6 to 10 years and 11 months. 
  • More than 10 years: 11 years and on. 

Years In Current Position

This Sales Navigator filter narrows down your lead search based on the number of years they’ve been in their current position. 

Sales Navigator Filters Years In Current Position

You should know that: 

  • 1 to 2 years: it refers to the period from 1 to 2 years and 11 months.
  • 3 to 5 years: this search takes into account the period from 3 to 5 years and 11 months.
  • 6 to 10 years: it refers to the period from 6 to 10 years and 11 months. 
  • More than 10 years: 11 years and on. 


Activities And Shared Experiences 

This filter finds leads whose profiles are showing certain activities. However, keep in mind that just because someone is not posting on LinkedIn or updating one of the below criteria doesn’t mean that they are not actively networking or prospecting on LinkedIn. You can choose among the following. 

Sales Navigator Filters Spotlights

Choose among the following (and use it for your lead generation) 

  • Changed jobs in the last 90 days – congratulate your lead on changing jobs.
  • Mentioned in news in last 30 days – congratulate with your lead on being mentioned in the news. 
  • Posted on LinkedIn in 30 days – make a reference to the content they posted on LinkedIn.  
  • Following your company – if they follow your company on LinkedIn, but are not your clients, they might be in the research phase of their buyer’s journey and are interested in what you have to offer. Reaching out first might work to your advantage. 
  • Have shared experiences with you – point out the experience you have in common.
  • With TeamLink intro – shows your team’s network, even if not connected with your team member on LinkedIn. It gives you an excellent opportunity to make a reference to your team member when reaching out to them. 

* TeamLink is only available to Sales Navigator Advanced and Advanced Plus account members. TeamLink utilizes the power of your entire team’s network to help you find the best path to a lead by showing you Sales Navigator license holders on your team account who are 1st-degree connections to the lead, even if you’re not connected to your teammate. Your TeamLink members have the same access to your connections. 


Keyword In Posts 

This filter is best if combined with other filters, as it shows LinkedIn members who used this keyword in their posts, even if just as a hashtag. 

Sales Navigator Filter Keyword In Posts

However, these posts don’t necessarily need to be published in the last 30 days. Sales Navigator will, however, highlight what the lead posted in the last 30 days in the search results like this. 

Posted In The Last 30 Days On LinkedIn



Search leads based on the level of LinkedIn connection they have with you. 

Sales Navigator Filters Connections

You can be somebody’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree connection or be in the same LinkedIn group with a certain lead. 

  • 1st-degree connections: your LinkedIn connections.
  • 2nd-degree connections: members that are connected with your 1st-degree connections, but not with you. 
  • Group connections: LinkedIn members that are part of the same group as you are. 
  • 3rd-degree connections: members that are connected with your 2nd-degree connections. 

Connections Of

This Sales Navigator filter targets connections of a specific user on LinkedIn. You can insert only one entry at a time, and that person has to be your 1st-degree connection. 

Sales Navigator Filters Connections Of


Search leads by continent, geographical divisions (EMEA), country, region, city, and postal code. 

Region: you can add multiple regions or exclude one or several regions from your search. 

Sales Navigator Filters Geography Region

Postal code: since postal codes for different cities in different states match, this filter gives you a drop-down menu based on the number you enter. That way, you can choose not only the postal code but specify the town and region/country. You can add more postal codes for different city areas. Additionally, choose the area radius that you would like to be taken into consideration. 

Sales Navigator Filters Geography Postal Code


This Sales Navigator finds leads that are members of a certain LinkedIn group or groups. It is an excellent way to find leads from the same or similar industry in one place.

Type in the name of the LinkedIn group or a keyword. You will have a dropdown list of all available LinkedIn groups containing that keyword. 

Sales Navigator Filters Groups

Once you choose a LinkedIn group, Sales Navigator will suggest groups from a similar industry. 


Choose from a drop-down menu of all industry options available and pre-set by LinkedIn. You can exclude certain industries or add more than one to your search. 

Sales Navigator Filters Industry

First Name 

This filter allows multiple entries. 

Sales Navigator Filters First Name

Last Name 

This filter allows multiple entries. 

Sales Navigator Filters Last Name

Profile Language 

This Sales Navigator filter leads depending on what language their LinkedIn account is. 

Sales Navigator Filters Profile Language

TeamLink Connections Of 

This filter shows the connections of your TeamLink members. It defers from the Connection of filter because it can show the connections of your 2nd and 3rd-degree contacts that are part of your TeamLink network. 

Sales Navigator Filters TeamLink Connections Of


This Sales Navigator filter allows you to search for leads by College, University, and even High School listed on your leads’ profiles on LinkedIn. Enter the keyword and the drop-down menu of all available academic institutions will appear. 

Sales Navigator Filters School

Years of experience 

This filter shows the total years of experience of your lead according to the employment history stated on their LinkedIn profile. You can add multiple entries. 

Sales Navigator Filters Years Of Experience

You should know that: 

  • 1 to 2 years: it refers to the period from 1 to 2 years and 11 months.
  • 3 to 5 years: this search takes into account the period from 3 to 5 years and 11 months.
  • 6 to 10 years: it refers to the period from 6 to 10 years and 11 months. 
  • More than 10 years: 11 years and on. 


Account Lists 

Before using this filter, you should know that you need to make an Account List first by using Sales Navigator Account filters. Use Account filters to find companies that match your Ideal Customer Profile and save them in an Account list shown below. 

Checkmark the company’s profile. Click “Save to list” at the top bar. You’ll see an option to create a new account list or add to an existing one. You can add companies one by one, pick and choose the ones that will make it to your account list, or just select them all and add them. 

How To Make An Account List On Sales Navigator

Then, you go back to Sales Navigator Lead filters. Select the Account List and use other Sales Navigator filters to narrow down leads from that particular list. 

Sales Navigator Filters Account Lists

Lead Lists

This filter works in a similar way as the Account Lists. You get to choose a Lead list (or more) among the ones you already have, and then further filter down leads from that list using other Sales Navigator filters. 

Sales Navigator Filters Lead List

Check out hack #1 down below for a complete guide on how to make a lead list

People In CRM

This filter is available to the Sales Navigator Advanced Plus plan only since it’s the only plan that can be actively synced with your CRM and move important information like leads and accounts from CRM to Sales Navigator. The sync is also enabled to write back specific Sales Navigator information to your CRM. Apply other Sales Navigator filters to the leads and accounts pushed through your CRM.

Sales Navigator Filters People In CRM

People You Interacted With 

This filter excludes LinkedIn users whose profiles you’ve visited or you had any interactions with in terms of messaging or Connection Requests. 

Sales Navigator Filters People You Interacted With

Saved Leads And Accounts

This Sales Navigator filter takes into consideration All saved leads and All saved accounts. Use other Sales Navigator filters to further narrow down these leads.

Sales Navigator Filters Saved Leads And Accounts

This is where you see all leads you saved in one place. 

Find Lead Lists On Sales Navigator

The All saved leads option gathers:

  • All leads from your Lead lists
  • Leads that you manually saved but did not assign to any list
  • Leads for which you checked the “Save Lead” box while sending them a Connection Request

Also, you should know that once you save a lead, their current company automatically gets saved to All saved accounts.


Hack #1 Make A Lead List 

Making a Lead List is useful because it collects your target leads in one place (and under one name) and allows you to track their activity or exclude them from your outreach if necessary. Additionally, you can always add leads to a specific lead list, or narrow them down further by using other Sales Navigator filters. 

#1 Use filters that will get you as close as possible to your Buyer Persona. Handpick your leads or select all of them by checking the box next to their name. 

How To Make A Lead List Select Leads

#2 Click “Save to list”. You’ll get an option of making a new Lead List or adding leads to an existing list. 

Add Leads To A Lead List

#3 Give a name to your Lead List and a short description if you find it necessary. 

Add A Name And Description, Lead List

Hack #2 Make A Saved Search

The point of making a Saved Search on Sales Navigator is to set parameters in terms of Sales Navigator filters and save them so that Sales Navigator can push leads that meet the criteria into that specific list. This way you can track their activity and reach out to them when the moment is right. 

This is how you do it. 

#1 Set Sales Navigator filters that will get you as close as possible to your Buyer Persona. Click “Save Search”.  

How To Make A Saved Search On Sales Navigator

#2 Name your Saved Search. 

Name Your Saved Search

#3 Click “Saved Search” to see all your saved searches. 

Where To Find Saved Search on Sales Navigator

#4 This is what your saved searches look like. 

See Your Saved Search List

Hack #3 Blacklist Through Account Lists and Lead Lists.

Now when you know how to make an account list and a lead list, use it to blacklist leads and leads belonging to certain companies. These companies can be your competitors, people you already talked to (although now you have a separate filter for that in Sales Navigator), or simply someone you want to avoid in your outreach for any reason. 

The only thing that you need to do is save the leads or accounts you wish to blacklist and then choose the exclude option like this.

How To Blacklist Through Account Lists on Sales Navigator

Every excluded (blacklisted) list should look like this. 

How Blacklist Looks On Sales Navigator

On the other hand, you can go ahead and blacklist ALL leads or accounts that you saved.

How To Blacklist All Saved Leads On Sales Navigator

An easier way to do this is through Skylead. In our Sales Engagement Platform, you can blacklist by a company name, leads full name, a company domain, or a lead’s email, among other useful features that you can check out on our website or by booking a free demo call

This is how easy it is. 

#1 Go to Settings – Blacklist option. 

Skylead How to Blacklist Leads And Companies

#2 Type in people and companies you want to blacklist and click Save. Skylead makes sure your blacklisted contacts are ALWAYS blocked from appearing in any campaign. You don’t need to blacklist them over and over again for each campaign that you run. 

Skylead Blacklist

Hack #4 View Similar 

This is a Sales Navigator-only option, and it’s great to put into practice once you’ve defined your Buyer Persona as closely as possible. 

Once you’ve found it, click on the three dots in the top right corner, and choose “View Similar”. Sales Navigator will list up to 100 profiles as similar to your Buyer Persona as possible in terms of title, occupation, industry, company, etc. 

View Similar Sales Navigator Hack

Hack #5 Check Out Your Alerts 

Sales Navigator will make sure to regularly update you on every activity of your saved leads. These can include Linkedin posts, job changes, promotions, etc. It is an excellent way to know what leads of your interest are up to and wait for the right opportunity to approach them. This is where you can find your alerts. 

All Alerts Sales Navigator

You have the option to view, delete, or bookmark certain alerts to go and check them out and use later. They will appear in the Bookmarked section. 

How To Bookmark Leads Sales Navigator

Also, click here to access and change your Alert settings. 

Where To Find Alert Settings On Sales Navigator

Set up your alert preferences to facilitate your lead generation 

Set Alert Preferences Sales Navigator

Hacks #6 Who Viewed Your Profile 

There are many reasons why someone shows interest in your LinkedIn profile, and the only way to find that out is to reach out. 

There are two ways to see if someone viewed your profile. 

Check your alerts. 

Check out your Alert section to see who viewed your profile. Additionally, Sales Navigator gives you a brief insight into if they are a saved lead or not and what their current company is. You’ll find this information here. 

#1 Go to your Home page. 

Sales Navigator All Alerts

#2 Check out the “All alerts” section. You’ll have information on whether they are saved somewhere in your list and where they currently work.

All Alerts Sales Navigator Who Viewed Your Profile


#3 You can save them in one of your lead lists or create a new one on the spot. 

Sales Navigator All Alerts Add A Lead To Lead List

Check out the Who’s Viewed Your Profile option. 

#1 Click on the profile picture and select “Who’s Viewed Your Profile”. 

Who's Viewed Your Profile Sales Navigator

#2 You will be redirected to your LinkedIn page. This is how you will see the list of people who viewed your profile. 

Who Viewed Your Profile Sales Navigator List

You can also take advantage of the LinkedIn filters above. LinkedIn gathered leads in different groups depending on where they work, their industry, what LinkedIn considers “an interesting view”, etc. These are all individual for each profile. 

Hack #7 Set Your Sales Preferences 

Once you set your sales preferences on Sales Navigator, the platform will make sure to push these leads to the Recommended Leads list. The Recommend Leads list in Sales Navigator provides you with an auto-generated list of up to 100 recommended leads, giving you more lead suggestions that you may not have found otherwise.

This is where you see your Recommended Leads. 

#1 Click on Lead List. 

Where To Find Lead Lists In Sales Navigator

#2 Check out System generated leads. 

Recommended Leads Sales Navigator Where To find System Generated Leads

This is how you set your Sales Preferences. 

#1 Go to Settings by clicking on your profile picture in Sales Navigator.

Sales Navigator Settings How To Set Sales Preferences

#2 Scroll down to Sales Preferences. 

You get to set up the following parameters. 

  • Geographies
  • Industry 
  • Company size 
  • Function 
  • Seniority level
Set Sales Preferences Sales Navigator

Hack #8 Leave Notes For Each Lead 

Sales Navigator offers an option of adding notes to leads of your interest. This way you can always know if you exchanged messages, where they stand on their buyer’s journey, and any other relevant information. 

#1 Go to your lead’s profile. On your right, you will see the Notes section. 

How To Add Notes In Sales Navigator

#2 This is what it will look like. 

How Notes Look On Sales Navigator

On the other hand, Skylead’s Smart Inbox lets you communicate with your prospects in one place, create custom labels, keep track of your leads, and always know the details of your conversation thanks to the Notes section right below your lead’s name, campaign name, and all publicly available data Skylead downloaded such as phone number, email, company website, etc. 

Skylead Smart Inbox Add Notes

Skylead’s Smart Inbox integrates all channels of communication in one place. It is an excellent way to keep all your leads and important notes in one place. 

Join our free demo to see how Skylead can take care of all boring and repetitive sales processes, and let you focus on building relationships with your customers. 

Hack #9 Use InMails

InMail is a direct private message to or from a LinkedIn member who is not directly connected with you. It has all the characteristics of a regular email (subject line, message body, signature) and it is an excellent way to get to the leads who are not responding to your Connection Request or email. 

Every Sales Navigator plan comes with 50 InMail credits that can be accumulated up to 150 InMails in 3 months. Each time a lead answers, you get that credit back. These are paid InMails that you can send to anyone on the platform. On the other hand, you get 800 free InMails that can be sent only to leads whose profiles are set to “open to free InMails”. 

Since InMails offer so many possibilities, but not many LinkedIn members know how to use it to its full potential, we wrote a complete guide on LinkedIn InMail with Sales Templates. Check it out and start using this amazing LinkedIn feature. 


Knowing all the possibilities that Sales Navigator offers will unlock its full potential, the one that you actually signed up for. 

As the business world is constantly evolving, so is LinkedIn and its premium platform – Sales Navigator. Always be on the lookout for new features and a wide range of possibilities to get the best out of the lead generation world. 

Once you know the possibilities of each Sales Navigator filter like the back of your hand, take a chance with these Sales Navigator hacks used by the top-notch sales reps to get qualified leads. 

  • Make a Lead List
  • Make a Saved Search 
  • Blacklist your leads 
  • Take full advantage of the Boolean search and the exclude option
  • Use the View Similar option
  • Check your alerts
  • Investigate leads Who Viewed Your Profile
  • Set your Sales Preferences
  • Add notes to always know where you stand with your leads
  • Use InMails

Hopefully, we managed to bring Sales Navigator Filters closer to you. Furthermore, if we got you interested to see the numerous possibilities Skylead offers, book a free demo and dive into the world of sales made easy, where you only need to focus on closing deals. 

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LinkedIn Sales Navigator Filters: The Complete 2022 Guide
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