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LinkedIn InMail is a direct private message to or from a LinkedIn member who is not part of your network. That is, your 2nd and 3rd-degree connection. Namely, InMail is LinkedIn’s version of the email, and it has the characteristics of one, such as subject line and higher character limit reserved for the body copy.

When composing an InMail in Skylead, in addition to the previously-mentioned characteristics, you’ll also have a designated area to set up your signature.

As simple as it sounds, many people struggle to understand what LinkedIn InMail is and how to use it effectively. That’s quite a shame, as the correct (and smart) usage of a LinkedIn InMail increases your response rates and positively impacts your lead generation results. 

That was exactly what LinkedIn had in mind when coming up with InMails.

By the end of this blog, you’ll learn:

  • What a LinkedIn InMail is. 
  • What a Sponsored InMail is.
  • LinkedIn InMail Credits according to your subscription.
  • How to check your InMail Credits according to your subscription.
  • LinkedIn InMail Cost: How to purchase additional InMails.
  • Why should you send InMails on LinkedIn.
  • What makes a good LinkedIn InMail.
  • How to send an InMail on LinkedIn.
  • Best LinkedIn InMail templates for 9 LinkedIn prospecting scenarios and why they work. 

What is a LinkedIn InMail? 

As mentioned before, a LinkedIn InMail is a free or paid direct message on LinkedIn that you can send to members that are not part of your network, contrary to a regular LinkedIn message. 

Statistics show that getting a response from a 2nd or 3rd-degree connection is 3 times more likely if you use a LinkedIn InMail in comparison to a regular cold emailing. 

However, it is important to emphasize using your LinkedIn InMail credits wisely. Not only because you get only so many of them in your plan (we’ll talk about it further down in detail), but also because InMails should be aimed at the ones who receive a lot of connection requests and are hard to get in touch with. Those people are often more likely to click “I don’t know this person” if trying to connect via Connection Request Message, which will eventually make you end up in LinkedIn jail

There are two types of InMails: 

Free InMails

If you want to be able to receive free InMails, you need to set up your LinkedIn profile for it. Have in mind that only paid LinkedIn plans (any plan but for the LinkedIn basic) can receive free InMails. LinkedIn basic accounts can only receive paid InMails. However, a user of a LinkedIn basic account can contact other LinkedIn members via LinkedIn message (if connected) or via free InMail if the LinkedIn member has set their profile to “open for free InMails”.

This is how you set up your LinkedIn account to receive free InMails. There are two ways to do so. 

#1 Go to your home page and click the “Edit Profile” icon. 

LinkedIn InMail How To Set Up Open Profile Step 1

Then the “Premium” icon. 

Turn on or off the “Open Profile” option. 

LinkedIn InMail How To Set Up Open Profile Step 3

#2 Click the “Me” icon. Then “Settings & Privacy”. 

LinkedIn InMail How To Set Up Open Profile Option 2 Step 1

Check out the left sidebar. Click “Communications”. Then “Who can reach you”. Pick “Messages” on your right. 

LinkedIn InMail How To Set Up Open Profile Option 2 Step 2

As you may see, you can opt for receiving or not both Paid and Free InMails. 

LinkedIn InMail How To Set Up Open Profile Option 2 Step 3

Paid InMails

If you have any LinkedIn plan but for the basic one you can send Paid InMails to any LinkedIn member.

Shortly, every LinkedIn member can receive Paid InMails, but only LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter users can send them. 

As you may see above, as a LinkedIn user, you can opt out of both Paid and Free InMails. 

What is a Sponsored InMail?

A LinkedIn Sponsored InMail is a LinkedIn product that lets you utilize the LinkedIn Ads platform to reach specific users in bulk. 

However, unlike with handcrafted InMails, you cannot choose exactly who the recipients of your sponsored InMails will be. You set up the targeting options, and let the platform do the rest. 

It is very clear for your recipients that the InMail they received is sponsored. Every sponsored InMail is clearly labeled as such. Therefore, no matter what else you do, the message will be thought of as an advertisement.

It looks like this in your Inbox. 

Sponsored InMail LinkedIn Example

When composing a sponsored InMail, keep in mind that the recipients cannot respond to it. They can only respond to a specific call-to-action like in the above example, so make sure you craft it well.

LinkedIn InMail Credits According To Your Subscription

Free InMails

LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator have 800 free InMails by default. As you upgrade your basic LinkedIn account, these credits are available to you. 

Paid InMails 

Each time a LinkedIn member answers back to your InMail, you get that credit back. Therefore, if you target your members well and write a compelling copy, you can in theory send more than what’s established by your plan per month. These rules apply to each of the other LinkedIn premium versions.

The only thing that changes is the number of InMail monthly credits. 

LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator InMails credits renew after 90 days, while all Recruiter plans accumulate LinkedIn InMail credits renew after 120 days.

How To Check InMail Credits According To Your Subscription

This is how you check the number of available Paid InMails for LinkedIn Premium, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Lite users.

LinkedIn Premium

Choose “See All Premium Features”. 

Check InMail Credits LinkedIn Premium Step 1

Down below, you will find all details regarding the number of your remaining paid InMails. 

Check InMail Credits LinkedIn Premium Step 2

Sales Navigator

Click the “Sales Navigator” icon on your right.

Check InMail Credits Sales Navigator Step 1

Click on your profile image and then “Settings”.

Check InMail Credits Sales Navigator Step 2

These are your available Paid InMail credits.

Check InMail Credits Sales Navigator Step 3

Recruiter Lite

Click on the “Recruiter” icon on your right.

Check InMail Credits Recruiter Lite Step 1

Click on your profile picture and then choose “Product Settings”.

Check InMail Credits Recruiter Lite Step 2

Check the “Usage Overview” section.

Check InMail Credits Recruiter Lite Step 3

There is no way to know the status of your free InMails.

LinkedIn InMail Cost: How To Purchase Additional InMails

Each plan has a certain number of Paid InMails included in the package (see the next section for details), but only users of a Recruiter Lite can purchase additional InMails. The number of LinkedIn InMails that the Recruiter Lite can purchase is also limited.

LinkedIn Premium and Sales Navigator users cannot buy any more InMails outside what’s offered within the plan.

The cost of each additional LinkedIn InMail is around $10, but it varies on your geographic area.

If you wish to purchase more InMails, here is how you do it. 

Click the “Recruiter” icon. 

Buy InMails LinkedIn Step 1

On the right, click on your profile picture and then choose “Product Settings”.

Buy InMails LinkedIn Step 2

Check out the “Purchase monthly InMails Credits” section. The cost depends on your area. In the case of a Recruiter Lite, you can buy 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, or 70 additional InMails.

Buy InMails LinkedIn Step 3

Why Should You Send InMails On LinkedIn? 

Unlike other social media, LinkedIn still cares a lot about who you are connecting with and how. 

Not only does it encourage you to have a concrete reason to reach out to another LinkedIn member, but it also makes you think twice about how to approach them. 

Busy decision-makers and your 3rd-degree connection, who are more likely to reject your Connection Request, are the ones you should be reaching out to via LinkedIn InMails. One of the main benefits of LinkedIn InMail is that it shows in the lead’s LinkedIn Inbox as if you were connected on LinkedIn. In this case, the difference between a regular LinkedIn message that you can send only to your 1st-degree connections and an InMail is that InMail has a subject line and higher character limit reserved for the body copy and it can be sent to your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections. 

As mentioned above, as a paid LinkedIn subscriber, you have free and paid InMails at your disposal. Also, each time a lead answers your InMail, you get that credit back. 

Skylead allows you to combine paid and free InMails in your Smart Sequence. Our algorithm can make a difference between open profile users and those who can receive paid InMails only. Simply by turning the “Allow paid InMails” button in the platform itself, you are allowing the Smart Sequence to make that decision for you and ensure a path to your lead through InMail. 

Multichannel Outreach Example That Uses “InMail Message” Step

Check out this example of a multichannel outreach where InMails are used as the last resource to get to your lead. 

In this case, Skylead’s Smart Sequence, AI-powered algorithms that choose the best and shortest possible path to your lead by following the instructions you previously set, will send InMail only at the end if no other means of communication turn out to be successful. 

Image of the Smart Sequence example which uses Inmails

When the sequence arrives at the If has verified email by the platform step, it will do 2 things. If the lead has a verified email address, the sequence will proceed and send a regular email message. If the lead doesn’t have a verified email step, it will first check if your lead has an open profile or if they can receive only paid InMails. Once that has been established, it will proceed with a paid or free InMail depending on your lead’s profile status and your remaining paid or free InMail credits. 

To make your professional life easier, we’ve collected all sales templates used by our Sales Team to level up Skylead and grow from 2500 to 10000+ users in 9 months. The templates are FREE and available for a PDF download here.

FREE Sales Book, downloadable in pdf, sales templates that leveled up Skylead

What Makes A Good LinkedIn InMail?

  • Personalizing your InMails.
    Not personalizing your InMails will make them look more like spam. Even if you wrote a compelling sales message and maybe even highly relevant to your lead, you MUST show that you’ve done your research. I mean, there’s no way to convey relevance by sending a generalized InMail anyway. This implies that personalizing your InMail should go beyond calling your prospect by name. Every good prospecting starts with thorough research of who you are talking to and what their pain points are.

  • Investing time into coming up with a catchy subject line.
    Think of a LinkedIn InMail as a cold email. Your open rate will depend on the subject line and your response rate on how much relevance you manage to convey through the body of your email. But, we’ll get to that later. For now, think about how to get your lead to open your InMail.

  • Keeping it to a reasonable length.
    Yes, we said that one of the LinkedIn InMail benefits is for sure its extensive character limit. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to use all of it. Busy decision-makers that you are trying to reach out to via InMail are still very busy even when they do open your InMail. Practice the art of writing compelling and straight-to-the-point sales messages

Keep reading and check out our 9 LinkedIn InMail examples for 9 different prospecting scenarios down below. 

How To Send An InMail On LinkedIn

LinkedIn InMails are similar to regular email. Therefore, look at it like that in the terms of the subject line and preview text. 

This is the InMails character limit: 

  • Subject line: 200 characters
  • InMail body: 1900 characters
  • Signature: 150 characters

There are two ways to send an InMail on LinkedIn: 

#1 Navigate to the profile of a LinkedIn member you would like to send an InMail to

Click “Message”. 

How To Send InMail Option 1 Step 1

Since you are not connected, LinkedIn automatically redirects you to send an InMail. 

How To Send InMail Option 1 Step 2

#2 You can do the same from your LinkedIn Inbox. Click “Messaging”. 

How To Send InMail Option 2 Step 1

Then “Create a New Message”. 

How To Send InMail Option 2 Step 2

Type in the name of the lead. You will get a dropdown menu from which you can choose. In case you pick a LinkedIn member you are not connected with, LinkedIn will automatically redirect you to send them an InMail. 

How To Send InMail Option 2 Step 3

LinkedIn InMail Examples: 9 Templates That Get Responses

#1 Sending InMail to a potential collaborator/partner


Subject: Are you still providing {{service/product}} services?

Hey {{firstName}},

I am currently in need of a {{service/product}} in {{industry}}. After doing some research, I’ve decided to reach out to you, due to {{reason}}. 

Do you still provide {{service}}?

If yes, I would love to discuss it further with you. 

Thank you in advance! 

Kind regards,




Real-life example

LinkedIn InMail Template Collaboration

This template works because: 

  • It is clear that you’ve done the research and picked a handful of LinkedIn members whose professional background you found relevant for what you need. 
  • You approach with a concrete reason and reference. 
  • Even if currently not interested in the business offer, it is always good to connect with someone who is a potential collaborator or partner. 

#2 Invite a prospect to an event


Subject line: Join us for {{event}}

Hello {{firstName}},

{{CompanyName}} is organizing {{event}} in {{location}} on {{date}} with the goal of {{goal}}. 

Since you work as {{occupation}}, I thought it would be interesting for you to check it out. Some of the main topics that will be covered are, but are not limited to:

  • {{topic1}}
  • {{topic2}}
  • {{topic3}}

If it sounds interesting, here are more details on the link – {{link}}. 

In case you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

Best regards, 


{{Title}} at {{Company}}


Real-life example 

LinkedIn InMail Template Invite To An Event

This template works because: 

  • You’ve done the research, you know who you are talking to, and that the event can actually be of your lead’s interest.
  • Mention their occupation to specify who the event is for. Leads can work in different industries, yet it is their role/title in that specific industry that counts. 

#3 Offer your service/product in an InMail to a decision-maker 


Subject examples: Need help with {{problem}}?

Hello {{firstName}},

We are currently helping {{companyType}} companies to {{service/product}}. I see that you are {{occupation}} at {{currentCompany}}, so I thought you might see value in it. 

{{product/service}} can provide the following for your business:

  • {{problem1}}
  • {{problem2}}
  • {{problem3}}

However, our {{product/service}} is not limited to this!

I would love to have a chance to jump on a quick call and discuss each challenge you meet at your workplace that our {{product/service}} could help solve. 

Have a great day. 




Real-life example 

LinkedIn InMail Template Offer Service

This template works because: 

  • You reached out to a lead with a concrete reference. 
  • The person that you sent an InMail to is a decision-maker. You’ve done your research and made a reference to it. 
  • Even if currently not interested in your product/service, they will want to connect just as it might be the product/service relevant for their business in the future. 

#4 Content promotion 


Subject: To answer your question in {{group/post}} 

Hello {{firstName}},

I saw that you asked {{question}} in {{group}} / as a comment to {{name}}’s post, and I thought that the blog that we recently posted {{blogTitle}} could help answer your question.

Either way, I see that you work in the {{industry}} industry, and the content that we publish might generally be of your interest. If so, check it out here – {{link}}. 

Let me know if you found {{blogTitle}} useful. 



Real-life example

LinkedIn InMail Template Content Promotion

This template works because: 

  • You made a concrete reference to a comment a LinkedIn member left. 
  • The content you sent is relevant both to their question and business/field of work. 
  • They are more likely to connect with you because what you do is relevant to their business/industry. 

#5 Send an InMail to a mutual connection by recommendation 


Subject line: {{mutualConnection}} recommended I reach out

Hi {{firstName}},

Our mutual connection, {{mutualConnection}}, and I were talking about {{topic/issue/specialty}}. I heard you are an expert on the issue. 

I might need relevant insight on {{topic/issue/specialty}} for my business and would love to schedule a meeting with you. If yes, let’s connect on LinkedIn or you can send me an email to the address in the signature section. 

Let me know what works for you. 

Best regards, 



Real-life example

LinkedIn InMail Template Mutual Connection

This template works because:

  • The lead came to you as recommended.
  • You made a concrete reference to a person who recommended the lead.
  • You are familiar with the person’s expertise. 
  • By expressing the need for concrete service/business help, your intention is clear.

#6 Reach out to a lead as a recruiter 


Subject line: Loved your LinkedIn post on {{topic}}

Hello {{firstName}},

First of all, I loved your LinkedIn post on {{topic}}! It spurred me to reach out to you, as you seem to be the right fit for the position of {{position}} at {{company}}. I also see that you studied {{studies}} at {{university}} which I find to be a great asset to this role. 

Anyways, as you may have guessed, I am a recruiter at {{company}}. I would love to take this conversation further in case you are interested. Here’s a link to the job description – {{link}}. 

Please let me know if you are interested. 




Real-life example

LinkedIn InMail Template Recruiting

This template works because: 

  • You reached out with a concrete reference not only to the person’s education and/or experience but to their contribution to the LinkedIn community. 
  • It’s not just a random InMail, the person is truly qualified for the position and you are acknowledging it. 
  • Even if the person is not interested in the job offer, they will want to stay in touch with a recruiter who did not just randomly throw a link to a job post at them.

#7 Invite industry professionals to join your community 


Subject line: Invite to join {{communityName}}

Hello {{firstName}},

I would love to officially invite you to join {{communityName}}. It is a {{typeOfcommunity}} community aimed towards {{industry}} professionals with the goal of {{goal}}. 

We would really love it if you joined. Your vast experience as {{occupation}} spurred me to reach out.

Here is the link – {{link}}, check it out and see. 

Hope to see you there. 

Have a great day,



Real-life example

LinkedIn InMail Template Join Community

This template works because: 

  • The lead’s occupation is relevant to the community. It is not just some random person you’ve invited to join your community. 
  • The community is relevant to the person’s occupation too. 
  • You briefly explained what the community is all about. 

#8 Invite a guest speaker to your event 


Subject: Be our guest speaker! 

Hello {{firstName}},

I would like to use this opportunity to invite you to be a guest speaker at {{nameEvent}} event. 

Due to your {{numberOfyears}} years of experience in the {{industry}} industry, we felt that your insight on {{topic}} would be an invaluable asset to the {{industry}} industry. 

I would like to schedule a meeting to further discuss details in case you are interested. 

Here is a link to the organizer if you would like to check it out beforehand – {{link}}. 

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Best regards,




Real-life example 

LinkedIn InMail Template Guest Speaker

This template works because: 

  • You are making a concrete reference to the person’s years of experience and expertise. It points out that you’ve done your research and are not inviting a random person to be a guest speaker. 
  • There is a link to the event so the potential guest can inform themselves on the subject. 
  • A concrete call-to-action at the end to schedule a meeting to discuss the invite further. 

#9 InMail as the last follow-up


Subject: Last follow-up

Hey {{firstName}},

I just wanted to check out here one last time if I’ve crossed the line. Hopefully not. 

Maybe it’s me, but I get the feeling now is not the right time to connect.

As a parting gift, I wanted to share with you templates that could help you in your outreach {{gift}}.

I won’t be sending you any more messages, don’t worry.

All the best,



Real-life example

LinkedIn InMail Template Last Follow Up

This template works because: 

  • You are confirming that this is truly the last time you are trying to connect. 
  • There is a free resource included. 
  • You ask for an apology in case you crossed the line. People are more likely to either respond by saying that they haven’t seen your previous messages/emails/InMails or respond knowing you will not “bother” them anymore. 


With this blog, we’ve covered the main things you need for effective and smart use of a LinkedIn InMail. 

You’ve learned: 

  • What a LinkedIn InMail is. 
  • Why you should send LinkedIn InMails.
  • How to send a LinkedIn InMail.
  • How many InMail credits your LinkedIn plan has.

Furthermore, the above 9 simple, yet impactful LinkedIn InMail templates will help you get the responses you need. Use them as they are or adjust them to fit your business goals. 

Before you start your outreach, make sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date. If you are not sure how to earn the LinkedIn all-start status, sign up for Skylead’s FREE masterclass “Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile: Complete Guide. Get instant access to a step-by-step guide on how to complete your LinkedIn profile section by section.

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LinkedIn InMail: The Complete Guide + 9 Templates
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