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Whether you are a salesperson, a recruiter, or a job hunter who wishes to prepare your profile for more opportunities, this FREE masterclass will guide you through setting the fundamental basis for reaching your end goals.

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 Set up your profile to achieve an All-Star status and increase profile visibility and effectiveness.

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Use downloadable content and examples to shorten the time needed to create your LinkedIn profile.

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  • Masterclass intro

    Welcome to the masterclass
  • Chapter I - Brief history of everything

    What is LinkedIn & why is it important?
    Who can use LinkedIn and what can you do with it?
  • Chapter II - Tell the world about yourself

    Add some life to your profile
    Crafting an eye-catching headline
    About section - The summary of all things you
    Feature the projects that you’re proud of
  • Chapter III - Your professional background

    Relevant work experience
    Schools, education and academic participation
    Skills, accomplishments and recommendations
  • Chapter IV - Almost ready to go!

    Build your network!
    Masterclass outro
    Bonus material

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