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How To Send A “Thank You” Message After Connecting On LinkedIn – 11 Best Practices

If you send a Connection Request to someone on LinkedIn but fail to follow up with something as simple as “thanks for connecting”, you will almost for sure be forgotten about in a matter of hours. Maybe even seconds.  It doesn’t mean that your professional experience and what you do matter less. It’s just, that […]

How Personalized Images & GIFs Can Improve Your Response Rates [+ Templates]

In today’s crowded Inboxes, the struggle to get a response is real.  Whether you are reaching out via LinkedIn or email, it has never been easier to get in touch with someone. It’s just that now, standing out in the sea of messages has become an art to be mastered.  There are many reasons why […]

35 Humorous LinkedIn Templates To Expand Your Network

How many content writers does it take to change a lightbulb? Doesn’t matter, the head of marketing will change it anyway.  Jokes aside, the answer is – none. Because content writers don’t like to change anything.  Plus, the light bulbs don’t really change, they’re replaced.  I’ll stop now.  Ok, maybe your first thought was not […]

Best LinkedIn Connection Request Message Templates

Connection Request Messages portray your way of networking and doing business on LinkedIn and in life. The second “first impression” forms once the lead goes ahead and checks out your LinkedIn profile. Unless it’s neat, there’s no Connection Request Message that could save the opportunity you’ve just wasted. That also goes the other way around. […]

How to Close More Deals on LinkedIn in 2020

In this guide, you will learn step by step process how to optimize LinkedIn profile, write outreach messages and target potential leads and start driving sales on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is the right place where you need to be in 2020 if you are in the B2B world, according to statistics number of conversions is 80% […]

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