How to Use LinkedIn Sales Navigator Filters: Everything You Need to Know

Yaaaay, you went from a basic LinkedIn account to Sales Navigator. And you know what that means? So many filters at your disposal!  Twenty-four “Lead” ones, to be precise! Just imagine how well you can refine your search and pick quality leads that will almost for sure be interested in what you have to offer! […]

Top 7 LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools in 2021

It’s 2021.  LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools are springing up like mushrooms.  And you don’t know which one to pick! ? Maybe you set your eye on one. Then you see another that just lowered prices. Or it added a feature that hits the bulls-eye of your business needs.  Or maybe you are a newbie to […]

Why Multichannel Outreach Gives The Best Sales Results?

Multichannel outreach implies using different channels to get in touch, connect, and engage with your target leads. First and foremost, it is important to find out what platform your prospects prefer to use when interacting with other brands and businesses.  Clarifying your message and communicating it in the way your leads want to hear it […]

Smart Sequences: The Future of Lead Generation

Skylead’s Smart Sequences are groundbreaking algorithms that allow you to use multichannel outreach and personalization to its maximum potential.  Following the trends of LinkedIn’s newest restrictions and changes in their policy and with Lead Generation moving to other channels (such as Email for example), Skylead’s Smart Sequences are undoubtedly the most innovative and exhaustive path […]

5 Must-Know Strategies for Quality Lead Nurturing

Are you one of those people who easily take “No” as an answer? Do you feel that maintaining a relationship with leads who initially refused your service/product will make them perceive you as pushy or obnoxious?  Do you think that once you have sold your service/product, your job is done and you don’t need to […]

How to level-up your Skylead experience with Emails and Image Personalization – A step-by-step guide

Is it in your nature to always want more? Do you have a feeling that if you’re doing something, and you’re dedicating your time and expertise to it, you need to do it the best way possible and use your highest potential? If yes, we have a New Year’s present for you!  We are giving […]

10 Email Marketing tips to boost your sales with Skylead

Email Marketing has maintained popularity over the years.  It is an efficient way to get new leads, nurture relationships and raise awareness about your business. With the right strategies, you can gain new customers, as well as develop trust with current clients. That is, it can become a trusted way to boost sales and grow your […]

What Is Lead Acquisition and 5 Strategies To Do It Right

There is a process between the point of getting a new lead and the point where they convert into your new client. The space between the two is called lead acquisition. Constantly generating new leads is one of the best ways to get a bunch of new clients whether using LinkedIn or other channels. However, […]

How to Send a “Thank You” Message After Connecting on LinkedIn – 8 Best Practices

Sending a “Thank You” message after connecting on LinkedIn can turn to be crucial for your further communication (and even collaboration). Just think about it this way: sending a Connection Request to someone and then just ignoring each other is the same as meeting someone and never seeing them again in your life. If you […]

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