Pump Up Your Business With Image and GIF Hyper Personalization

blog visual pump up your business with image and gif hyper personalization

Are you running out of ideas on how to differentiate yourself from competitors?

Would you like to get more creative when it comes to communicating and reaching out to your leads?

What is preventing from doing so?

You don’t know how?

Skylead has your back! 

Have you heard about Image and GIF hyper personalization? 

No? You wanna know why?

Because Skylead is the only Sales Engagement Software on the market to have LinkedIn Automation, Email Automation, Email Discovery, AND Image and GIF hyper personalization gathered in one tool. 

Who can benefit from Skylead’s Image and GIF hyper personalization tool?

  • Sales Departments; 
  • Marketing Teams;
  • Real Estate Agents and Agencies;
  • Start-ups and Entrepreneurial Businesses;
  • Any product and service your business offers;
  • Professionals who want to network;
  • You. Yes, you, the person reading this! 

Use Image and GIF hyper personalization to:

  • Offer your products and services in a less conventional way;
  • Launch a new marketing campaign;
  • Make a fun job opportunity announcement;
  • Wish your clients happy holidays;
  • Invite your clients or colleagues for a casual or formal meeting;
  • The possibilities are endless. 

How does it work? 

Firstly, make sure to set Messages/Email/InMail as a step in your campaign. 

Secondly, pick “Add Image” and import any Image and GIF you would like to personalize. 

It could be something you downloaded from the internet or even pictures you have taken.

Sneak peek alert! 

Skylead will soon offer around 60 Image and GIF templates. You will have the option of downloading and using the one that suits your needs the best on the days you don’t feel like being creative.

Anyhow, once you have uploaded the desired Image or GIF, a whole set of groundbreaking customization options will be at your disposal. 

This is how the tool looks like: 

As you may see from the example, on your left there are options to import:

  • Your LinkedIn profile picture (Add me);
  • Lead’s LinkedIn profile picture (Add lead);
  • Your or your lead’s company logo (collected from LinkedIn company pages) – something that other automation tools don’t offer!

and to:

  • Add Text and combine it with information that LinkedIn and Sales Navigator collected based on your research. 

Scroll further down. There will be the option to customize font, its size, and color, align text, and position any of your or your lead’s imported pictures and logos. 

Makes sense so far?

Furthermore, here are some examples of how to use our Image and GIF hyper-personalization tool for both casual and more formal outreach







If you don’t find the above-mentioned examples suitable for your needs, have in mind that there is an option to send a Message/Email/InMail to your leads/clients just including an Image or GIF at the end. 

Hi {{firstName}}, 

Congratulations on your promotion to the position of {{occupation}} at {{nameOfTheCompany}}. 

So exciting!

Why use this feature? 

Well, why not? 

Jokes aside.

Firstly, you have a flexible, unique tool at your disposal that will make you stand out from your competition. 

Secondly, the kind of service that Skylead provides would usually have to include more than one software. Or even worse – inserting personal information manually for who knows how many leads/contacts. 

Thirdly, it creates a surprise factor not only for the unconventional message format but for its hyper-personalized copy.

Fourthly, let’s say you become our white-label partner. Imagine offering such a creative personalization tool to your clients? They would be stunned. 

Are we…

…or what?

Anyhow, Image and GIF hyper-personalization is part of Skylead’s All-in-One plan.

That is, for as low as $100 per month, you get a plethora of groundbreaking features that will most certainly differentiate you from competitors.

Explore all the benefits that Skylead offers by scheduling a demo call with a specialist from our team. Discuss how you can make the most out of our services. 

If you are already our customer, feel free to reach us out on the Support Chat, or schedule a Success Call with our Customer Support and Success Manager. See how to apply Skylead’s Image and GIF hyper-personalization tool to your campaigns. 

Whatcha waitin’ for? Hop on!

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Pump Up Your Business With Image and GIF Hyper Personalization
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