2 Best PhantomBuster Alternatives for Better LinkedIn Sales

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LinkedIn is a powerful platform that helps companies increase their reach and have their message get to the proper audience.

Every day there are more and more businesses investing their time into LinkedIn marketing.

Using LinkedIn for getting new leads and sales in B2B companies, as well as other kinds of businesses, has been on fire for the last few years. 

Since there is a huge, constantly growing audience, trying to connect with everyone manually would lead you to awfully bad results.

That would also mean performing a bunch of activities, and having too much data to manage.

That’s where the potential of automation tools for LinkedIn such as PhantomBuster should be put into use. 

There are multiple strong reasons for that.

Using automation tools helps your business:

– Get new connections and expand your network
– Generate tons of new leads on autopilot
– Cut your time invested in LinkedIn by up to 6 times
– Get better-recruiting results
– Leverage your brand

Many people struggle to find out the appropriate automation tools for growing sales.

PhantomBuster is a well-known tool for growing your business faster by automating your sales and marketing processes.

It offers various functions such as scraping useful data from Social Media, automating many processes, and building advanced workflows.

However, despite the fact that it possesses a lot of useful options to work with, there are some useful tools that PhantomBuster does not offer.

If it isn’t fit for your business, and you’re seeking  PhantomBuster alternatives, you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we will present two PhantomBuster alternatives that could provide your business with a lot of benefits and bring you tons of new sales rapidly.

Aside from showing what these tools are for, we’ll also offer some actionable tips on how you can use their features in your business practically.

The tools we’ll describe are TexAu and Skylead which are used for automating other kinds of LinkedIn processes.

TexAu – PhantomBuster Alternative for Automating LinkedIn Processes

TexAu is an automation platform for growing businesses by using social media data to easily generate new leads by gathering information about them and contacting them quickly and effortlessly. 

With this automation tool, you are able to build a list of qualified sales prospects easily.

It is a great tool for sales and marketing teams.

It doesn’t matter whether you find your leads through searching or they work for a target company, or maybe they just left a comment on a specific post.

With TexAu, you are able to easily and automatically connect with them and interact.

You can create many chains of automation with TexAu’s drag-and-drop tool in a matter of minutes. TexAu’s workflows also allow you to bring together more different services.

TexAu offers a variety of packages designed for your needs, and here is the price list:

Now let’s dive into one actionable tip that you can use for your business on this platform.

What we like about TexAu is it’s scraping option, so we’ll show you one awesome tip on how to best use it.

For example, if you are a member of the group where your potential customers are, you can gather information about them easily, and then outreach them later.

The first thing you need to do in TexAu is to create a recipe.

TexAu recipes are fully designed actions that you can use to collect data, connect with someone, or apply a different kind of action offered by  TexAu.

There are also public recipes which are available for use, but you can create them manually and use them later for your own purpose too.

After clicking Create A New Recipe and opening a new window, on the right side, you’ll get to decide which platform you want your recipe to focus on:

There are also integrations with Lemlist, Google Sheets, and other platforms, which you can include in your actions. 

For this purpose, we’ve chosen LinkedIn, and after that, we got to select a spice:

Select Spice is where you pick what action you want to use on the platform you have previously chosen.

You will be offered numerous actions that you can use depending on what your intention is.

Let’s choose LinkedIn Group Members to scrape them.

After you click  on Add inputs, you will see the following window:

What you will need now is the TexAu Cookie Extension.

If you previously haven’t installed it, you’ll easily do it here by clicking Get Cookie Extension and it will redirect you to the install page.

After getting it done, go to LinkedIn and click on the TexAu Extension button in the upper right corner.

It will generate your cookie code which you should  Copy to Clipboard and paste it into the LinkedIn session cookie cell in TexAu.

Now you need an URL of the group that you want to scrape. Copy it and paste it into the proper cell.

Optionally, you can choose a number of members you want to scrape, but the limit is 8000 members.

When these steps are done, you can choose to turn on filters if you need them.

When you’re done just click Run.

It will finish quickly and you’ll soon be able to see the results, by clicking on the Results option in the left menu, and then the green button.

The list of results will show up, and you’ll be able to download it as a CSV file.

All the information about group members that you’ve received in  only a few minutes can be valuable in your outreach strategy and it can save you a lot of valuable time.

And now that you have so much info about your potential customers, you need an outreach tool that will finish the whole process of converting leads into customers.

That’s where the Skylead comes on the scene.

Skylead – PhantomBuster Alternative for LinkedIn Outreach

Skylead is one of the PhantomBuster alternatives based on the cloud.

It’s a LinkedIn marketing solution for generating new leads by connecting with them and outreaching them.

By using its wide selection of variables, you’re able to customize your messages on a whole new level and to make them hyper-personalized.

It possesses a bunch of smart chat features that will help you organize your messages, label leads, and close new deals without losing any messages in the process.

You can set up a filter for your ideal prospects using one of Skylead’s targeting options, and also run and track multiple campaigns at once in order to understand what works best for your business.

Its full package price is now only $100 and you can see what’s included in it on our pricing page.

Let’s continue explaining the actionable tip using the example of the process that began with TexAu’s scraping feature. 

We have gathered and saved information about group members to a CSV file, and now we want to outreach our potential customers from that group.

To do that easily, we should click on Create new campaign.

For this purpose, our intention is to upload CSV file of group members, so we will click Import.

Doing that will lead you to the screen below.

Here, we need to name our campaign and upload our file. Your CSV file must include a column with the name “profileUrl” containing the LinkedIn URL of each lead.

You can include people that you’ve already talked to, and collect contact info of each prospect.

Now, it’s up to you to choose how you want to engage with prospects. You can invite them to connect, view their profile, follow them, or send them an InMail message.

You can’t send them a regular message because you aren’t connected yet.

But guess what – there is also an option for adding an additional step to your campaign.

Let’s say we want to invite the prospects to connect with us, and then send them a regular message.

Doing that manually for each prospect would make you exhausted, and that’s why Skylead will jump in to help you out with it.

So, click Invite to connect and then when you type your connection message, click Add additional step.

If you need an idea for the invitation message, you can take a look at some examples in our best LinkedIn message templates article and use the one that you like best.

We’ll take this template as an example:

Hi {{FirstName}},

I see that you are {{Position}} at {{CurrentCompany}}.

I’m looking to connect with {{Position}} professionals like you.



Founder {{YourCompany}}

As your additional step, choose the Message option. This message will be sent only after you and your prospect have connected, and not before that.

Skylead enables you to choose when you want that message sent, by choosing the exact number of days and hours.

Keep in mind that you want it to look like it’s really you sending the message, not a robot, so we recommend not sending the message just after the request is accepted.

Make it look natural, and make your first message personalized. If you need templates, find them on the link above. 

Using this outreach automation method you can easily begin to build a  relationship with your leads, and from that point on, you have better chances of converting them.

It takes only a couple of minutes to create a campaign, and the rest will be done on autopilot.


Amazing results that you can achieve through LinkedIn marketing have made LinkedIn the key platform for nearly all businesses.

More and more people are hired and more time and money is being invested in LinkedIn because clever LinkedIn efforts bring results.

Using the PhantomBuster alternatives we’ve presented is one of those clever efforts that could rapidly improve your audience reach, which would get you a lot of new clients.

These automation tools could be extremely valuable to your business by saving you a lot of time and effort.

TexAu and Skylead empower innovative solutions in many businesses every day by helping you and your team get rid of monotonous tasks.

Make your business-level up by using them.

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2 Best PhantomBuster Alternatives for Better LinkedIn Sales
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